Candidate care – why is it important for recruiters?

Before I bang on about candidate care, let’s get the basics straight here. What exactly is candidate care? A candidate; a person regarded as suitable for or likely to receive a particular fate, treatment or position. A new job or promotion perhaps? Care; to feel concern or interest, or to attach importance to something. Combine […]

How to tackle an expression of interest application

Selection Criteria: how to tackle an expression of interest application Expressions of interest are becoming a new way to do business when it comes to advertising public service and government roles. Agencies and departments are calling on applications in this way to draw from their already established pool of talent (for promotion/change of role, etc.) […]

Improve your LinkedIn Profile in 10 Easy Steps

Do you need to find a job or connect with other useful and like-minded individuals? If so, LinkedIn is your answer. While Facebook and Twitter might be fun, LinkedIn is the world’s go-to source for professional connections. A superb LinkedIn profile can help you develop meaningful connections and enhance your professional career. Here are a […]

Why All Job Seekers Should Join LinkedIn

All businesses revolve around relationships. Relationships with customers, vendors, and employees are the basis for sustaining a successful company. As the job market continues to grow increasingly competitive, it’s more important than ever to tap into the power of networking. LinkedIn is a powerful way to introduce yourself to potential employers and cultivate relationships which […]

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