Blind Auditions: New Age Recruitment Solutions

Suspicious of being turned down for a job because of your sex, age, ethnicity, socio economic background, or other bias unrelated to your skills and talents? Unfortunately this can happen especially when recruiters receive a plethora of applicants to pick through.

A recruitment bias means that employers can miss out on talent that does not exactly match a predetermined mould.

Here’s how and why blind auditions have been introduced into recruitment processes.

What are recruitment blind auditions?

Blind auditions are a way of allowing candidates to “audition” for a job where the recruiter knows nothing about their personal characteristics like age, sex, educational background, etc. Applications are screened without this information so the focus lies purely on their skills and attributes related to job performance and requirements of the role.

How is a blind audition rolled out?

Most recruiters use a dedicated software system that removes personal information from resumes received. Job applicants are required to respond to work assessment questions and undergo challenges that give insight into their knowledge and workplace skills. These challenges could include items such as document editing, setting up a website, or writing a case study.

Through this process recruiters identify the strong candidates from the weak without any unfair prejudgments about the person.

What are some tips for job applicants undergoing a blind audition?

  • Read the directions thoroughly and follow them succinctly
  • Ensure the tasks are completed on time
  • Plan ahead your approach to the task before commencing anything online
  • Complete as much of the task offline before entering your responses (Word is a good tool to make use of)
  • Take the time to read over your responses and check for spelling and correct use of grammar
  • Remember the application is made to challenge you. There might be questions that have no set response. Detail your approach and rationale and be consistent and confident with your responses.
  • Respond to the questions based on your own skills and talents. If you seek resources for assistance be sure to use them as a guide only and do not copy the information.

Blind auditions are a fresh way of approaching recruitment. They offer the advantage of removing any chance of a recruitment bias through a process that offers an even opportunity for job applicants.

Old or young, male or female, university graduate, or high school dropout – blind auditions make sure it is not about this anymore.

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