“Will your employment history ever affect your future career”

The explosion in online professional network LinkedIn and the professionalism of many resumes means recruiters and future employers expect to be able to check a job seeker’s full work history at the click of a button or quick glance of your CV. In other words, it’s becoming virtually impossible to avoid listing your entire employment […]

Tips to researching the company before the interview

Just picture this: it’s the big day of your job interview and you’re a little nervous. You’ve got a professional looking resume, you’re dressed to impress and you’ve practiced your answers to standard interview questions such as “what would you say is your greatest strength and weakness?” You arrive in plenty of time before the […]

Tips on how social media can boost your career

The potential benefits to your career that an engaging, professional LinkedIn profile can bring are well established. But what about social media? Can networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram also help boost your career and professional prospects? There is no doubt that when social media is done the wrong way it can have overwhelmingly […]

Public and Private LinkedIn profile

The power of business networking platform LinkedIn has grown to stratospheric levels in recent years. While Facebook, Twitter and Instagram dominate the world of social media, LinkedIn has become the number one destination for professionals to network, find out information and sell themselves to potential employers. More than 380 million people are now connected to […]

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