How to Handle Multiple Job Offers

Your number one mission when searching for a new job is to catch the eye of an employer. But how about snagging multiple job offers at the same time; wouldn’t that be fantastic? Choice is a valuable asset for job seekers, and now that your resume writers have delivered, you have multiple job offers to consider. Although very exciting, this scenario can often make for harder decisions on your part.

Whilst mulling over the employment proposals you are presented, it’s important not to let down any of the recruiters or employers. The relationships you build during the recruitment process should never be de-valued or damaged.

There are four basic fundaments that you should employ when you are fortunate enough to have multiple job offers to select from.

1. Be honest
2. Don’t jump ship
3. Ask for time if you need it
4. Communicate effectively

Often during an interview process, you may be quizzed on whether you are undergoing interviews with other companies. Take this as your chance to reiterate your seriousness about finding your ideal future job. It is not often that you undertake this process so you need to ensure you are considering all available options.

Don’t mislead the recruiter or employer
If you are presented with a job offer and you accept, it is never really good practice to pull out of that commitment. Withdrawing your acceptance will damage any relationship that you set up with that employer or recruiter, as well as your reputation. When you commit to an offer, it puts a steamrolled plan into action. The employer needs to inform the other applicants of their unsuccessful bid at this point. Those other candidates could be in the same situation as you, with multiple job offers, and this could cost the employer valuable postings if those candidates accept elsewhere in the meantime.

Extra time
If you are having some trouble weighing up your options, you can always ask for an extra day or two. This is usually an allowable practice and will not be frowned upon.

Effectively communicate
Be astute in communicating your intentions. Let the company or recruiter who you have favored know that you will be accepting their job offer. Advise the other employers promptly that you have decided on an alternate offer and are gracious for the opportunity which they presented you.

When deliberating over multiple job offers be diligent and reflect on the big picture. Consider your long-term career objectives, promotional and advancement opportunities, and the salary offered versus your career goals and outlook. Remember, it is not always the highest paying job that is ultimately the better option for you.

With Resumes To You professional resume services, we can give you the best opportunity to be noticed by a multitude of employers. How you prepare yourself for the potential of interviews and multiple job offers is then over to you.

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