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Matt, tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get into the resume-writing business?

I kicked off my resume-writing career when I was in recruitment both in the private and not for profit industries and sectors and business writing. Prior to that I was in a generalist HR role were I had seen a lot of resumes (Good, Bad and the Ugly). Out of my recruitment work, I made a lot of connections with professionals looking to advance their careers. Their resumes were underwhelming and needed a lot of work. After a few connections turned into clients who paid me actual money, I was hooked! Having worked in private and not for profit sectors, I have seen first hand the difference between peoples resume from the corporate world and resumes of people on benefits. – Some with no resume at all.

I started Resumes To You back in 2008, while I was still working as a side gig; as I’m passionate about helping clients find career success and happiness. When I was made redundant (Yes I have experienced redundancy) from my last (employee) role, I decided to work on the business full time as the business was growing little by little. I feel I have a great resume writing service (and skills to write a resume with a great understanding of what employers and recruiters look for in a resume) and I have influenced major change in the workforce for job seekers I have assisted over the years. Yes, times have changed since I started writing resumes, but I have always stayed up with the times with resume changes and how ATS software’s have now been introduced. I’ve even kept my foot in the door with some freelance recruiting from time to time.

When it comes to writing resumes, do you specialise in a particular type of client, function, or industry?

I’ve got a strong grasp on positioning all career levels – from school leavers, blue, white collar workers, managers to CEO levels candidates across all industries, I do not have a particular favourite., Although when I did private recruitment, I worked with roles that included Banking, Finance,Retail, Hospitality, Large format Big Box Retail, Recruitment, Office Admin, Automotive to name just a few. I also love my own career challenge, which requires a lot of collaboration with clients to understand their transferable skills.

Over the past 10 years, I can confidently say I’ve handled projects across most major industries. This includes doctors, pilots for Australian airlines, engineers,  professional athletes and entrepreneurs, I have even done resume for local MP’s. But I also want clients with less-exciting careers to know that everyone gets the same treatment when I take on any resume project. “At Resumes To you we help professionals write the next chapter of their careers”

What’s the worst mistake you see jobseekers make during their job search?

The most common mistake jobseekers make is what I call ‘passive indifference’ during their job search. Even the most polished, pristine resume won’t lead to immediate success. It’s not enough to post your resume to a job board, sit back and wait for employment elves to sprinkle magic dust on it.

The most successful professionals I have worked with are active, aggressive networkers always looking for their next opportunity. This means reaching out to friends, peers, and even past colleagues when you’re on the market. It also means keeping your eyes open if you’re content in your current company.  Turn ‘passive indifference’ into ‘active engagement’ and see what happens!

What’s the best piece of career advice you have ever received?

I learned great work ethics from my parents and was lucky enough to have a great manager / mentor when I first started working in retail in my teen’s on the shop floor in retail to manager, Retail trainer and more, I’m now in my 40’s and I still keep in contact with my old manager (now friend) and she still gives me tips.

Do you have a favourite customer success story?

I have a ton of stories! The ones that mean the most come from people who have tried to break into a specific company or role multiple times with no luck. Many have reached back out to me after receiving their new professional resume saying they immediately landed an interview.

One of my recent clients shared that her experience with my business had been the best thing that happened to her after a long period of time out of the workforce due to raising a family. She was exhausted and overwhelmed with not just the resume (writing from scratch) but also job searching and where to start – a few little coaching sessions and she managed to push on without me – some times it just takes a little push to get people started. She told me the service and documents I provided gave her a renewed confidence in her job search and overall future. That was a pretty humbling interaction. If only they could see the smile on my face when I get calls or emails from clients with stories like this.

Anything else you’d like our readers to know?

Just to have faith in yourself, push yourself. In my business, I work with clients who are generally dissatisfied in their current career situations. Some feel stuck in their jobs. Others may have been made redundant due to a company restructuring. Some are referred to use from past clients we have helped, some just want a resume ready if something comes up.

I remind clients that they are the ultimate CEO of their careers. Have a tailored resume handy and make great connections and display confidence in yourself during the job search. Your dream job awaits!

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