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Applying for a management position can sometimes not be easy. Most of the time people that apply for this type of position are very well prepared and they also come with a lot of experience in the industry. That’s why you need to work with a professional resume service, like us Resumes To You. With our help you can obtain professional resume writing and showcase your high standard qualifications, experience, achievements and skills that you have. During the resume writing process, we will focus on the leadership accomplishments that you have, while also focusing on things like career progression.

Employers need to see that you have what it takes to deal with any kind of challenges in any industry, and we will be here to handle that every step of the way. You just have to let us know your career direction or role you wish to apply for, and we will be there to help every time. It’s important for us to show employers that you are indeed the right fit for the position that they have in mind.

Our resume services are all about quality, and that’s why we spend time planning, researching and designing the right resume for every client. Yes, our management resume services are fully bespoke, and you will have no problem getting the right results and high-quality value. This way you can rely on us to offer the experience and quality that you always wanted.

Our writing team has a lot of experience with more than 50 industries, we will have no problem creating an outstanding management resume that really stands out and impresses people with the amazing quality and unique value. We believe that nothing is impossible but if you work closely with us, we will be there to assist every step of the way.


Team Leader and Managers with more than 12+ months of manage experience from any indusrtry.

Management Level

For Management professionals with 2+ years of work experience in a management / senior level role.Tailored and written for management level roles.Management, senior level roles, team leaders – people management.Hospitality, Retail, Mining, Medical, IT, Marketing, Admin, Education, Nursing, Public and Government Sectors, Accounting, Health, Construction,Trades.

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Can I edit the files ?

You will receive a modern, clean, professionally written and tailored resume towards your career direction. Your  new resume will be emailed to you in the latest version of Microsoft Word & if needed PDF format. The format will be a fully editable document. Other providers will charge you each time you return for edits.*Unlimited document revisions – 30 day period of free editing applies after initial drafts have been sent. If no contact / feedback has been received within 7 days this does not apply and we consider this order completed. Edits must to be towards  one advertised role only. Further charges may apply for additional resumes targeting other roles or industries.

Yes, We are Australian

We are based in Sydney – we are a National Online service with support via phone and email. We are proudly Australian owned and operating since 2008.
Be mindful of resume providers located overseas with offshore writers who do not know the Australian job market, or about resume writing, they may provide you a document full of grammar errors. We are not one of them. Feel free to connect with me Matt Tutty on LinkedIn – Australia. 

Do you have Samples ?

We sure do, and if you would like to see any samples of our work from: resumes, cover letters, selection criteria and even LinkedIn profiles, please feel free to shoot us an email or contact us via our contact page for samples to be emailed to you.

Do we need a Face to Face Meeting?

As our services are online, all our support is done via phone and email. If you would like a consultation, we are more than happy to arrange a day and time to complete this with you. If you are only available on weekends, we can make this happen for you also – depending on availability.

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