Get Your LinkedIn and Resume To Work

With the increasing popularity of LinkedIn, our resume writers are often questioned by job seekers why they need both a resume and an active and up-to-date LinkedIn profile.

Sure, each play a pivotal role in building and maintaining your professional brand, but they are most effective when supported by each other, reflect the same story, and work their purpose. It’s no good having a LinkedIn profile pointed in one direction if you are selling your skills on your resume as something completely different.

So, to combat any contradictions here’s a quick Resumes To You rundown on the difference between a LinkedIn profile and a resume, and what you should do to prepare yourself.

#1: Tone and Outcome
Firstly, establish exactly what you are selling (your skills and value to a potential employer) and what supporting evidence you require (education and experience).

A good resume will act as your marketing agent presenting a potential employer with the solution to their problem. A resume should be factual, strictly corporate, and contain your skills, achievements and responsibilities. Leave the jokes, personality and charisma at the door.

A LinkedIn profile on the other hand is your chance to showcase your skills and talents with a little personality and insights into the ‘human you’, not just the you on paper. This is an opportunity to show employers and recruiters what you stand for and why you are so passionate about what you do.

#2: Tailored Solutions
Never send away a resume without tailoring it specifically to the role you are applying for. A resume should interact directly to the exact employer you are targeting.

A LinkedIn profile stays live across board. There is no opportunity to jump on and tweak your profile before the next person runs a quick search to find you and what you are putting out there. This basically means that you can’t necessarily amend your LinkedIn profile for a particular role or person. As long as you have addressed your biggest and best achievements, offered a glimpse into your personality, and your background details, then you are doing everything you can to demonstrate your commercial worth and sell yourself effectively.

What to remember when preparing your resume and LinkedIn profile

It’s only human nature to want to find out as much juice as possible. Knowing that once you have set your resume to sail with a potential employer, there is a massive chance they will log in to find out more about you if they are interested.

• A well-written and professionally presented resume is a tailored solution that can get your skills and experience noticed to open the door to opportunity.
• LinkedIn is a highly-accessible social media platform, open to anyone who is anyone to scour, pick over and report back on. A well-scripted LinkedIn profile will offer an insight into you and what you stand for, as well as your career goals and objectives.

For the best chance at setting up a successful professional brand and selling yourself effectively, make sure that your resume serves its purpose and your LinkedIn profile backs it up!

To get a rocking resume and a LinkedIn profile that supports your efforts, why not think about engaging our professional resume writers and LinkedIn profile experts at Resumes To You.

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