Job Search Strategies: Build Relationships with Recruiters

Job Search Strategies: Build Relationships With Recruiters In 2021

Job Search Strategies: Build Relationships with Recruiters in 2021

Have you ever considered contacting a recruiter?

You might think that it’s up to them to send you an email or give you a call when a new job opportunity arises. However, if you want to remain front of mind or be in consideration for your dream job, then you should think about doing your part to strike up a relationship with a job agency.

After all, it’s common practice for most major corporations and small businesses to use professional services to attract talent. So if you want them to get your foot in the door, you should utilise these methods to build a strong collaboration with recruiters.

Target Recruiters That Specialise in Your Area of Interest

Several recruitment companies specialise in specific industries and fields. For example, some are experts at sourcing sales and marketing roles but have zero experience recruiting for IT roles.

Once you’re clear on the type of role you’re interested in, learn which recruiters specialise in connecting talent with employers. Then begin the process of building a relationship with them so that you might be considered for a role when one becomes available.

Unsolicited Calls

Many recruiters will search all corners of LinkedIn to find quality candidates. When one of these individuals contact you, don’t feel obliged to treat the interaction as an interview. In fact, if you’re not entirely prepared for the call, then it’s possible it can hurt your chances in the future.

Take a moment to stop and find out more details about them before they learn everything they need to know about you. Some good questions to ask are:

  • Are they a recruiter who is paid to find quality candidates regardless of where they get hired? These specialists tend to focus on senior and executive roles.
  • Do they get paid if the candidate gets hired instead of just sourcing talent?
  • Is the recruiter trying to fill a role, or do they want to fill their potential candidates database?
  • What is their area of focus, or what is their speciality?

When you’re confident in responding to the recruiter, take a look at their LinkedIn profile. You’ll want to learn about clients they work with, placements they’ve made, and anything else that can provide you with confidence that this is a contact worth establishing a relationship with.

Use Your Network – Job Search Strategies: Build Relationships in 2021

Do you know someone who was successful in getting a job via a recruitment agency? Why not ask them to recommend you? Have them pass on your resume as a way to introduce yourself. Recruiters are inundated with resumes, but receiving one from a recently placed candidate will stand out more than a random email in their inbox.

Always Have Your Resume Ready

Like all relationships, it’s a two-way street. Don’t be afraid to engage recruiters, ensure that you return phone calls, you’re helpful, and always courteous.

Consider participating in activities that will get you noticed, such as signing up for memberships with professional associations, attending industry networking events, and your LinkedIn profile is up to date with relevant keywords.

You should also always ensure your resume is up to date and ready to get sent when requested. Don’t wait until the last minute, have Resumes to You prepare it for you and optimised specifically for the industry and job of your dreams. Contact us now so you’re ready next time a recruiter gets in touch with you.

In 2021, You need to have a game plan and Job Search Strategy, it is a competitive Job Market. Build lasting Relationships and Network with Recruiters in 2021.

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