What Information Should You Provide for a Standout Resume?

A resume primed for its purpose will effectively represent your personal brand and provide you the best opportunity to leap into your next career move. As the level of competition in the job market has increased dramatically, it’s vitally important to present all of your strengths in their best possible light to convince an employer you’re the best fit for their role.

Yes, professional resume writers can work magic on your resume and achieve this, but they need to get the basics from you first.

Just like most people, resume writers cannot predict the future, nor can they look into a crystal ball to pull out missing detail needed to craft the perfect resume.

So, to stop the guess work and make it easy, our team at Resumes To You have prepared three quick pointers that will help to build a great resume. We find this detail is often lacking when we are asked to re-write a resume or create a resume from scratch.

#1 What do you want to achieve and where do you want to go?

To put yourself forward as the best applicant, our resume writers need to determine where it is that you are headed or where you really want to be. This information enables our team to research and compile the most suited material to include in your resume and to identify how it all fits into the current job market environment.

#2 Your competition

Job hunting is a competition after all and we take a look at who you might be competing against before compiling your resume. Our team will determine some criteria that you are going to be measured against and will work content based around this.

#3 Your achievements

Do you have any personal or academic achievements that could prove beneficial in highlighting your transferrable skills? Sporting skills, educational lessons, extra curricula activities, or even possibly the award you received at your previous job for being ‘the best’ at something. Be sure to include this information for our resume writers as we may see some value that you have missed and will help to get you across the line.

It’s important to remember that resume writing is a building/writing process which requires the gathering of as much detail and information as possible to create a masterpiece. When you supply detail for your resume, be sure to take the above into account so that our resume writers can knock out a detailed, well-scripted, and valuable resume for you.

A resume is a story which sells your talents and skills, markets your potential, and convinces an employer that you are the one!

You want to be seen as an asset and a valuable resource for a future employer, and to achieve this you need to have a resume that does your story and your personal brand justice. Take the time to get your information ready and our professional resume writers will do the rest of the preparation for you.

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