10 tips on nailing the first 90 days on the job

You’ve finally landed ‘that’ job in a company that you see yourself growing with for many years.  You’re nervous.  You don’t know what to expect.  You are unsure how to act in this new environment.  And you have only three months to make an impression and get through probation. Here are 10 rules to keep […]

How to Succeed at a phone interview

The phone interview is an unavoidable part of looking for a job, and if you are in the process of searching for your dream retail position, there is a good chance that at one time or another you will be required to do one. Phone interviews are the step before the in-person interview, and are […]

The first week – fitting in to your new job

Entering a new position of employment will always be riddled with stress. However, there are a few ways to help dodge the pain and enjoy all the gain of your new job. Take the time It’s important to be seen as a professional and motivated worker in order to earn the respect of your colleagues, […]

Recruiting and mobile platforms

Smartphones are being used everywhere, and using mobile platforms for recruiting has a number of benefits for recruiters and candidates. Now candidates can search for jobs, apply, and arrange interviews while they are on the move, while recruiters can enjoy a faster recruitment process and easy access to candidates. With increasing numbers of candidates turning […]

How To Explain Being Fired

Job interviews are nerve-wracking at the best of times, and if you left your previous job on less than fantastic terms, you might be justifiably concerned about how you will find work in the future. Getting fired from your previous job doesn’t automatically mean that employers won’t want to hire you, but you will need […]


The salary talk is one of those awkward conversations that most candidates dread. Negotiating your rate of pay for a new position is a delicate procedure, but chances are you’re applying for the job in the hope of increasing your income, so it’s going to be a necessary part of the recruitment process. Salary negotiation […]

10 Things Recruiters Won’t Tell You (But I Will!)

Recruiters have one job: Find the right person for the position. Their performance is evaluated on how efficiently and effectively they match top talent to job requirements. Ironically, in the current economy, recruiters are finding their jobs harder than ever. I’m serious. There’s too much talent for them to weed through. What used to be “finding a […]

5 Ways To Finding a New Job After Being Let Go

If you have just lost your job or have been out of work for a while – don’t worry – this is actually an exciting opportunity for you even though it may not feel like it. If you’ve been made redundant and haven’t been working for a while it can be easy to get discouraged […]

Schedule Your Day When You’re Unemployed

  So you lost your job. Or you graduated from Uni or TAFE and can’t find a full-time, part time or even casual position. Whatever your circumstances, unemployment can be tough. It can be tempting to stay out all night and spend all day under the covers. You keep your mouse on the refresh button […]

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