Why you should go ahead and submit a resume to a job that does not exist

When it comes to job hunting, conventional wisdom suggests you should tread a familiar path.
First, you scour the job websites and vacancy ads to find a potential opportunity, and then you fill out the relevant information and send it with your resume to the employer in question. All you can do from that point on is sit around and wait for what you hope is a positive response.
But while that tried and true method still remains relevant today, it turns out there’s a new trend in the world of hiring and employment. And this new method takes a far more proactive, bolder approach to landing your next dream job.
While it may appear a little odd at first glance, there is increasing evidence that submitting a resume to a job that doesn’t actually exist can yield surprising results.
If it’s done in the right way, sending an unsolicited resume to a company can surprise and impress HR managers and future bosses. With recruiters and managers so busy in today’s corporate world, your proactive and creative approach to job-hunting might just make them sit up and take notice.
This new trend is particularly prevalent among Gen Yers and Millennials, who display a certain brand of boldness when it comes to landing their dream gig. But their youthful exuberance in applying for a job that doesn’t exist can work for people of any age.
One of the key tips in applying for a job that doesn’t exist (yet) is to focus on the company you want to work for, rather than a specific role. Research that company and the people in it thoroughly, and use online resources such as LinkedIn to find ways of connecting with people who work for that company. By keeping your ‘application’ a little broader while displaying a passion for the company, your chances of being noticed and potentially hired are increased. And remember that just because you aren’t immediately hired for that job that doesn’t exist, your innovative and proactive approach to job-hunting will likely put you on the top of the pile for that moment when a job at the company does become available.
At the end of the day, the old saying that “you’ve got nothing to lose” generally applies here. The very act of sending off a professional, engaging resume to a company you want to work for – regardless of whether the job is available yet – is better than sitting around waiting for your dream job to land on your lap. Get on the front foot, and give it a shot!

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