Selection Criteria or Core Capabilities?

Selection Criteria or Work Related Requirements or Core Capabilities? HR Advisors, Government and Employers are increasingly being creative with their terminology. Whereas you could expect to see the term Selection Criteria in most Job Description Forms (JDFs) we are now seeing other terms. Work Related Requirements is now used by some agencies, as is Core Capabilities and Role Suitability. Nothing has changed except the terminology. They all refer to the skills, experience and knowledge or qualifications that an applicant is required to prove in an application. What is confusing is that some agencies are listing these under headings. One current position JDF has listed five headings and under each has listed several “capabilities” or “core values”. One example of Core Competencies Individual Effectiveness
  • Able to manage multiple tasks and respond calmly and positively to contingencies.
  • Initiative and judgment to respond decisively to urgent administrative matters.
  • Willingness to accept challenges, and flexibility to adapt and work in a dynamic environment.
  • Professional attitude and manner, in order to deal courteously with all inquiries directed to the Executive Office.
Should you respond to the general heading “Individual Effectiveness” or to each of the four listed skills individually, Unfortunately there are no directions in the JDF to guide us here. You could do either but you must give an example that demonstrates these skills rather than just claim you have them, or have used them successfully somewhere. In that example you would have to ensure that you cover all four of the skills required. Personally we would go for four separate examples under the one main heading. Each one does not have to be long; perhaps five lines would be enough to say what you were doing it and how. The “how” includes how you used the required skill. Remember these are stories or examples about things that happened in the past so write it in the past tense. Don’t tell them that you always work that way. Give a specific example that proves it. Remember – Selection Criteria, Work Related Requirements and Core Competencies are all the same thing. Make sure you read all the requirements of the listed role and “How To Apply” when in doubt ask the question or contact the listed contact person.
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