Ways to Stand Out When You’re Competing With Really Qualified Candidates

With the jobs market so tight and recruiters facing time pressures to hire the best people quickly, it’s more important than ever before to stand out from the crowd.

Thankfully, there are secrets and tips to help you do just that.

One of the most important ways to stand out from your competition is surprisingly simple, but it’s amazing how often this step is overlooked by job hunters: research.

When you apply for a job, research is crucial. Research on the company you’re applying to, research on the specific job you’re applying for, research on the person you’re sending your resume to or conducting a job interview with. Find out as much as you can about all of these factors, and you’ll impress your interviewer or recruiter because of the efforts you’ve put in and the interest you’ve shown.

Be bold. While it can be a fine line between being bold and going over the top, there are plenty of ways you can stand out from the competition if you display a little boldness in your approach.

Maybe it’s buying a cupcake for the person you’re being interviewed by, or submitting a specific proposal or project plan relevant to the job you’re applying for. Whatever it is, think of ways you can be a little bold in your approach to help you stand out. It displays creative thinking and confidence, key attributes recruiters are looking for.

With the power of LinkedIn as a social network for business and job seekers, consider making contact with someone inside the company you’re applying to. It could involve a simple introductory message or a request to become a connection on the site, or it might be a step further with a specific question or proposal you are submitting to them before your interview. Any personal connection before you send in your application or go for the interview could be enough to make you stand out from the crowd.

With so much of our lives now online, consider building yourself an online resume or portfolio. It can be done cheaply with a site like Blogger or WordPress, and can show you have ingenuity and creativity on your side. Include a link to your online profile site when you submit your application.

Finally, it’s important to be appear confident, without being arrogant or too forthright, even if you are terrified on the inside!

Ask bold questions, dress with style and look your recruiter in the eye as much as possible. Be calm, take deep breaths and show you’re the best person for the job. If most other candidates appear nervous or hesitant, your confident approach can become a point of difference.


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