10 Foods To Boost Your Brain Power At Work

Jobs can be very tedious and require a lot of brainpower which is why to remain at the top of your game at work, you have to keep your brain functioning at maximum capacity. However, it is impossible to achieve this throughout the day since keeping the energy levels high is quite difficult. The following […]

5 Reasons to Consider Changing Careers

Ever feel like there has to be more? That there’s a career out there that would better suit your skills, passions, talents, and lifestyle than the one you’re spending your days at now? Maybe you have—but if you’re like many, you also may be feeling held back and wondering if a career change is even […]

What Recruiters See on Your LinkedIn

Written by Matt Tutty – Resumes To You I recently suggested to a client that if you’re a professional and you’re not on LinkedIn, you very nearly don’t exist. You very nearly don’t exist through the eyes of recruiters & employers who use LinkedIn as a primary resource for finding outstanding candidates or checking out people who’ve applied […]

Make Those Little Jobs Shine On Your Resume

You are at the point in your career where you are ready to move on to bigger and better things.  You next big move is to update your resume so you can get that interview. But, you encounter a major hurdle, or so you think. Your job titles and list of responsibilities seem ridiculous when […]


Congratulations! You have won that job interview. Even as you celebrate, it is time to ensure you are fully prepared. Here are ten tips to help you get ready for that interview.  Prepare and Rehearse Always go into an interview prepared to answer certain questions.  Interviewers typically ask about your reason for wanting to work […]

That Co-Worker Who Just Doesn’t Get It

Do you have your eyes firmly fixed on career success? Go for it. Do all you can to meet and exceed those quantifiable targets set by the company.  Consider though that targets are not the only things that influence your career success.  Your level of emotional intelligence which influences your ability to get along with […]

How Much Salary Do You Currently Earn or Are You Seeking in Your Next Role?’

“Isn’t it odd that salary expectation is one of the major drivers in a career move but yet is one of the job seeker’s most dreaded interview questions?  Absurd though this phenomenon may seem, there are very good reasons you may wish to think long and hard before offering an answer to the question, “How […]

Resumes expedite job seekers success

Job seekers who want to win job interviews must impress the recruiter in the first six seconds of scanning their resumes and only a well-crafted resume can achieve this. Recently published HR studies reveal that the typical recruiter glances through a resume for a mere six seconds before deciding whether to trash the resume or […]

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