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Why Linkedin?


boost income potential

A LinkedIn profile is as crucial as a professional resume when applying for a job. LinkedIn accounts can boost income potential and open up doors to new opportunities. Our resume writing services also include a team of LinkedIn experts that will optimise your profile and account based upon your exact need.

Improve professional network

Improve your professional network, positioning and job prospects with our LinkedIn profile writing service. We at Resumes To You can create or update an existing LinkedIn profile for you and add professionalism to it.

LinkedIn must haves for all career levels

Whether you are Entry Level/ Graduate, Professional/ Management, Executive, Freelancer, Business Owner, having a LinkedIn account is necessary. If you want a serious job, a freelance project, or own a business: LinkedIn is essential. Our LinkedIn Writing Services include brand new profiles and makeover optimizations that are keyword rich and network ready!

We Don't Need anything

If we have completed your professional resume, we should not require any additional information from you, however, if we have not completed one, we will have to collect relevant information from you so that we can create and complete a keyword rich, well-developed profile. We include relevant keywords in your profile in the event that you are looking to make a career shift to a different type of role or a new industry. This will assist in your profile being selected in search engine optimization results. Not only does our resuming service include all of the key materials, we also ensure to present your profile so that it is easy in the eye and highlights important detail.

Nobody Denies it

Regardless of whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying that LinkedIn can boost income potential, open up doors to new opportunities, and is increasingly a requirement for just about any career or job prospect. At ResumesToYou, our team of LinkedIn experts will optimise your profile and account based upon your exact needs and situation.

LinkedIn is Essential

LinkedIn is Essential if You are a Entry Level/ Graduate, Professional/ Management, Executive, Freelancer, Business Owner, or Looking for a LinkedIn Profile. Drive Employers Straight to You – Enhance Your Digital IQ and Boost Job Offers – Network and Reach New Clients & Opportunities – Increase Your Income Potential


Due to linkedIn’s Terms of Use, we do not access or update profiles on the LinkedIn platform. A mock up will be written and delivered via a word document only.

entry level LinkedIn Profile Writing

Suitable for high school students,recent school leavers. TAFE and University graduates with up to 12 months employment


Suitable for individuals with 2 or more years work experience and up to team leader / supervisory roles across all occupations and industries.

Management LinkedIn Profile writing

Suitable for people who are applying for are in a management – senior positions, with 2+ yrs of work experience at management level.

Executive LinkedIn Profile Writing

Suitable for people who are applying for senior positions, executive roles, business consultants, project management and CEO roles.

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