4 Tips to Getting Your Resume in the Yes Pile

Getting Your Resume In The Yes Pile

4 Tips to Getting Your Resume in the Yes Pile

Are you sick of getting rejection emails?

Finding a new job shouldn’t cause you a lot of pain and heartache. It also shouldn’t involve rejection after rejection after rejection, especially if you’ve got the right education and work experience behind you.

So how do you convince recruiters and employees to give you a shot? Start by trying to implement these resume tips, which should help get your phone ringing non-stop.

1.     Make the Recruiter’s Job as Easy as Possible

Most recruiters are working on filling more than one role at a time. This can become incredibly stressful as every single company would like their positions filled yesterday.

Often they’ll need to read through hundreds of resumes meaning they may make their mind up within seconds if one doesn’t highlight the necessary skills, attributes, and experience required for a role.

So you need to personalise your resume to the role you’re applying for so that the recruiter doesn’t need to read through every single word on the page to work out if you’re the right person or not.

2.     Don’t Tell Your Entire Life Story

The best resumes cover the past eight to ten years of a career. If you’ve been in the workplace longer than that, there is no need to attempt to write your entire life story in your resume.

Ideally, it should fit onto two to three pages depending on your previous work experience. Each role should include your accomplishments, achievements, and a description of what you did. Try to keep it to two or three bullet points.

Remove any roles that are irrelevant to the position you’re applying for. The same goes for your education and certificates. If you’re uncomfortable about removing too much, then refer the recruiter to your LinkedIn profile for your entire work history so they can access it if they wish.

3.     Make Your Resume Easy to Read the Important Parts

You can’t assume that employers and recruiters will read everything in your resume. It’s more likely that they’ll read the top section or first half of page one and decide whether to keep going or throw it in the no pile.

This means the top third of your first page needs to be engaging to read. A great tip is to print your resume and cut off the top third to get an indication of how well it reads.

Also, ensure that your resume is broken down into clear sections for the reader. Ideally, it should include a profile, summary, experience, certifications, and awards section. Make sure to remove any acronyms as well so it doesn’t cause any confusion for the recruiter or employer, especially if they’re not familiar with the industry you work in.

It also needs to be blatantly obvious why you want this job. If it’s not clear, then you need to ensure your cover letter explains this.

4.     Presentation is Key

Make sure to read through your resume thoroughly. The moment a recruiter or employer spots a spelling mistake or grammatical error, they will immediately discard it.

Get two or three of your friends to proofread your resume and ensure everything is correct before you send it off. Pay particular attention to the font, paragraph, spacing, alignment, and size formatting. It’s also worth putting it through a grammatical program to be extra safe.

Check to see if there are file type requirements too. If you’re sending it to a specific individual, then use PDF format. However, if it’s going to a company, they may be using an Applicant Tracking System. In this case, send it in a Word Document. Be sure to name it correctly too, so they can quickly identify you.

Does Your Resume Need Some Extra Help?

If you follow these four simple tips, you should start to receive fewer rejection notifications and get more phone calls from recruiters or potential employers. If you don’t, it might be best to have us look over your resume.

Resumes To You provides tailored and targeted resumes that are personalised to the role you’re applying for. We even work with recruiters and HR representatives to learn more about what they’re looking for and how to end up on the yes pile. Contact Resumes To You today and say yes to giving your resume the makeover it needs to land the job that you want. 

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