5 smart ways to promote your LinkedIn profile


So you’ve created the best LinkedIn profile in the world (or had a professional to do the job for you!). What’s next? It’s all well and good to write an amazing bio, inspire fabulous third party recommendations and post a flattering head shot, but how are you going to get it before the eyes of prominent industry figures? After all, there are more than 300 million people using LinkedIn. Here are 5 smart ways to promote your account.

1. Become a guest writer for industry publications

Writing guest posts and articles for respected industry publications not only allows you to include a link to your LinkedIn profile in your byline, it also gives you the opportunity to demonstrate that you’re intelligent, knowledgeable and engaged with the latest developments in your field. When coming up with article ideas, try to be topical and original. Think of a new angle that hasn’t been explored before.

2. Add it your email signature

This means that, every time you send an email, there’s a chance that the recipient will take a quick peek at your profile. Remember that the more traffic your LinkedIn account receives, the higher the chance it will show up in searches.

3. Invite your contacts to events

Whenever you run or attend an event, don’t forget to send an invitation to all of your LinkedIn contacts. First up, there’s every possibility that they might come along, meaning you’ll be able to network in person. Secondly, it’s a gentle way of reminding people of your presence.

4. Playing an active part in groups

LinkedIn’s vast array of groups provides a brilliant avenue for making contacts. You’re free to contact other group members directly, plus you can play an active role, showing that you’re enthusiastic and involved.

5. Add it your business card

Business cards are an inexpensive way of promoting yourself. By adding your LinkedIn URL to yours, you’re indicating that you’re happy for new acquaintances to connect with you there. Don’t forget to carry cards with you always and hand them out at every opportunity.

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