Backpacker Work Tips

Travelling is a huge part of many people’s lives, but it can also mean a gap on your resume that can be tricky to explain when you get home. Resumes To You has a great team who are ready to help you get your resume looking its best in preparation for your job search, but there are also a few things for you to remember when applying for that dream job after travelling!

1. Honesty matters – Be honest in your applications about the fact you have been taking some time out for travelling. Many of the people recruiting will be able to relate to the experience and, if handled correctly, it may be something that actually helps your application stand out.

2. Travelling broadens the mind – Travelling can be a wonderful learning experience and if you take some time to carefully think about what you have learned while you have been away, you might be surprised about the skills you can now add to your resume. The ability to relate well to people from different backgrounds can be a huge positive for many recruiters, as can be the budget management, juggling multiple priorities, and initiative that travelling requires.

3. Temp jobs are still jobs – Even temporary jobs can show potential employers that you are reliable, have a good work ethic and can meet deadlines, so try to keep the contact information of the people you work for while you are away and ask them if they would be happy to act as referees for you.

4. Focus on the positives – It is important not to make excuses in your applications and inadvertently end up highlighting your weaknesses. Focus on what you do well and how your experiences and background make you are good fit for the role you are applying for, not what skills you are lacking.

Looking for a new job when you have been out of the job market for a while can definitely be intimidating but Resumes To You is here to help so get in touch!

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