Use confidence to win over interviewers

Interviews can be nerve-wracking experiences. As a job seeker, it’s in your interest to manage that fear and appear confident to the interviewing panel. Here’s five tips on how to achieve that.

1. Build confidence through knowledge

Make sure you research the role you are applying for and the company, so you can speak confidently if questioned during the interview. If you know the names of the interviewers, look them up on LinkedIn so you have an idea of their background. If possible, memorise their names so it’s easier to put faces to names during the interview.

2. Build your confidence through role-playing

With the assistance of family or friends, set up a mock interview. Make sure you can record it. Write down all the questions you can think of that may be asked during the interview, and your responses. Then role-play the interview, starting with your physical introduction to the panel of interviewers, your responses to their questions and finishing with the questions you would like to ask the panel. With the help of your panel, analyse your responses and identify where improvements are needed. Keep practising until you are confident. While you may get asked additional questions you haven’t considered, the practise should stand you in good stead to respond confidently.

3. Show confidence through body language

Ask your panel what they thought about your handshake during introductions. Was it a firm, confident handshake, limp or so hard you almost broke their hands? Practise until you can confidently and professionally shake hands. Did you fidget during the interview? Practise sitting with your hands on the table in front of you or on the arms of your chair. Did you maintain eye contact? Practise, practise, practise..

4. Be confident in your attire

Pick out your clothing well before your interview and try it on. Is it appropriate and professional for the role you are applying for? Is it comfortable to wear? Clean? Knowing that you look good helps to build your confidence.

5. Confidently thank the panel by name for their time

You have mastered the handshake, now it’s time to master the thank-you and goodbye at the end of the interview. Using their names, thank each panel member individually and shake their hands.

Leave the room smiling!

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