5 Killer tips for writing cover letters


5 Killer Tips for Writing Cover Letters

How would you rate your current cover letter?

5 Killer Tips for Writing Cover Letters

Do you use the same one over and over again, or do you make alterations to it according to the job you’re applying for? The most important question is, do you get the desired results from your cover letter? Is the phone ringing off the hook to book you in for interviews? follwo our

5 Killer Tips for Writing Cover Letters

If you’re constantly checking to see if your phone is switched on, then maybe it needs some work. So before you submit your next application, take a look at these tips to ensure your cover letter helps you secure an interview.

1.Keep it Trim

Long cover letters are not necessarily better. One of the biggest mistakes people make is trying to rehash every detail of their resume or use their entire life story as a reason why they were born for the advertised role.

Your cover letter shouldn’t be any longer than three paragraphs. It should also focus on a few major points. So choose wisely and make sure they’re relevant to the position you’re applying for.

2.Make Sure it Matches the Job

You want to try to match the tone and phrasing of the job ad. For example, if you’re applying for a role in finance or real estate, then keep it professional. However, if it’s a creative industry job, try to show a little personality.

Remember, this is likely the very first impression you’re going to make. Don’t go overboard as you want to demonstrate that you’re not going to be too much to handle if you get the job.

3.Don’t Clone Your Resume

Your cover letter should support your resume, not repeat it. It’s an opportunity to reveal something new or different about you that the reader might not find in your other documents.

Try including some knowledge you have about the company or industry as well as adding some details about your personal qualities. You want to showcase that you’re passionate, hardworking, curious, interested and interesting.

4.Go Big

Remember, whoever will read your cover letter may have reviewed dozens before getting to yours. You will need to make an impression with an outstanding fact about yourself or an engaging story that piques their interest.

You can talk about an achievement you’re proud of or a situation where you demonstrated your skills and abilities. You’re going to want to make an impact, so the reader remembers your cover letter for the right reasons.

5.Take a Closer Look

After completing your cover letter, take a good read through and ensure you caught all the spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes. A good trick is to read it aloud to confirm your sentences make sense and your points are coming across the way you want them to.

If writing isn’t your strong suit, then get in touch with a proofreader to review your letter. It’s a worthwhile investment as it will give you peace of mind that your cover letter is 100% accurate.

Need Help with Your Cover Letter?

A good cover letter can be like an elevator pitch. It gives the reader an impression of who you are and what you’re about. It’s your first opportunity to make an impact, and it can be the deciding factor as to whether you will get brought in for an interview or receive a response regretfully informing you that you weren’t successful.

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