Tips to help new employees


Once you have found your perfect employee and they have accepted your job offer, the next stage is for them to start work. Getting off to a good start can have a big impact on your new hire’s overall impression of your retail business, so it’s important to take steps to ensure their transition is as smooth and trouble-free as possible. Here are a few tips to help retail businesses settle new employees in, and ensure that everyone gets off on the right foot.


Make sure that your new employee is set up with everything they need from the beginning, especially any computer or system login details. If they have a desk or designated working area, ensure that it is clean and stocked with any stationery supplies they will need. This can reduce stress and awkwardness for your new employee, and help them feel welcome.


If you don’t have a handbook or manual for new employees it is worth considering creating one. They will probably have a lot of questions, and it can be uncomfortable for them to feel like they are constantly badgering other people. If they have a guide to refer to for the most common questions, it can help them learn more quickly and give them confidence that they don’t have to constantly ask their co-workers about little concerns.


Let the rest of your team know that there is a new employee starting and encourage them to take the time to welcome the new addition. Building positive relationships with co-workers can make a big difference to how happy your new employee feels in their job, and make them more likely to stay for the long haul. Where possible, try to nominate someone to look after the new employee and have lunch with them for the first few days.


Starting a new job can be overwhelming and your new employee will probably feel under a lot of pressure, especially if it is a busy time. Try to avoid putting too much pressure on them in the first few days, and let them learn at their own pace.

Although it can take time to bring a new employee up to speed, taking the time to make them feel welcome and comfortable when they start can pay off in the future. Employees who don’t feel comfortable may be more likely to leave in the first few weeks, leaving you to start the recruitment process all over again.

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