How To Explain Being Fired


Job interviews are nerve-wracking at the best of times, and if you left your previous job on less than fantastic terms, you might be justifiably concerned about how you will find work in the future. Getting fired from your previous job doesn’t automatically mean that employers won’t want to hire you, but you will need to think carefully about how you explain it so as to present a positive image in interviews, and reduce the chances of previous events affecting your employment prospects.


It’s not a good idea to go into an interview crossing your fingers and hoping that you won’t be asked why you left your last job. This is a very common interview question, so it’s important to think about how you will respond ahead of time to ensure you give the answer which reflects your circumstances in the most positive light.


It’s important to be honest when you are talking to potential employers about your previous situation. The retail industry can be close knit, and if your interviewer finds out that you have lied about your reasons for leaving your previous job, it won’t reflect well on you. A simple ‘I was let go’ is good as a start, and be willing to provide more information as and when you are asked.

If the reason you were let go was due to a mistake on your part, it’s best to admit it and accept responsibility rather than to try and shift blame on to someone else. Showing that you accept responsibility for your part demonstrates that you are aware of the consequences of your actions, and therefore are less likely to make the same mistake in the future.


It can be difficult to be positive if you left your previous employer on less than friendly terms, but try to think of at least one thing you learned from the experience and use that to create a positive slant. Launching into an angry tirade about the injustice of the situation will not work to your advantage, even if you were in the right. Rather than taking blame on yourself or putting it on anyone else, it’s better to discuss how the role wasn’t a good fit.

Although it can be difficult to talk about being fired from a previous job, it doesn’t have to jeopardise your chances of finding a new job. You can overcome your past, put it behind you and enjoy growing your career in the future.

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