The salary talk is one of those awkward conversations that most candidates dread. Negotiating your rate of pay for a new position is a delicate procedure, but chances are you’re applying for the job in the hope of increasing your income, so it’s going to be a necessary part of the recruitment process.

Salary negotiation can be tricky. Too pushy and you may price yourself out of the range your new employer is willing to pay, not pushy enough and you may end up settling for less than you’re worth and resentment is likely to creep in.

So just how do you get it right? Here are a few tips to help you negotiate the salary for your next retail position and get the pay you deserve.

Do your research. Make sure you know ahead of time what you are worth and what the standard rates in your industry are.

Be prepared to justify your desired salary by mentioning your skills and experience. Where possible provide examples of your achievements, and figures and percentages, rather than vague statements.

Wait until you get an offer. Try not to mention salary until you receive an offer. Once you know the recruiter really wants to hire you, you will be in a stronger position to talk them up. Mentioning it too early may put them off hiring you.

Provide a range rather than an exact figure. This shows that you are flexible and open to negotiation.

Even if you aren’t feeling confident, try to project confidence. Use a decisive tone of voice and don’t apologise for negotiating. If possible, practice role-playing beforehand with a friend until you are comfortable with the conversation.

Demonstrate enthusiasm for the position. Showing that you are motivated and keen to work for the organisation can make it more likely they will give you the salary you want.

Once you receive an offer, make a counter offer, but don’t let the process drag on. Too much back and forth and the employer may get fed up and look elsewhere.

Although salary negotiation may be awkward, it can pay off in the long term. As an employee you are likely to be more motivated and productive if you feel like you are being valued, and paid what you’re worth. Once you get used to negotiating your salary, you will probably find it gets easier and you will wonder why you ever found it hard to do.

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