Tips on how social media can boost your career

The potential benefits to your career that an engaging, professional LinkedIn profile can bring are well established.
But what about social media? Can networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram also help boost your career and professional prospects?
There is no doubt that when social media is done the wrong way it can have overwhelmingly negative consequences for a person’s job or career. In countless examples that appear on news media sites on a regular basis, the wrong tweet or a misguided Facebook post can land you in hot water with your employer.
While social media is certainly intended as a more relaxed, fun way to connect with friends, there are ways you can utilise and think about your social media feed to help out with your career.
When handled correctly, your social media presence can in fact help you get your next raise or promotion, or even a new job.
The secret to absolutely anything you comment about, write or post on social media is to treat everything you do as a reflection of your personal brand.
Your personal brand is the way the world sees you, and everything you do on social media can potentially be exposed to a wider audience. As a general rule of thumb, if something you’ve done on social media can harm your personal brand, the chances are it will someday, somehow, make it into the public domain. And that means a future boss or employer or business contact may end up seeing it.
If you think posting a certain photo or comment could reflect poorly on your personal brand, simply don’t post it.
Even if your social media profiles are set to private, you never know where your post, photo or comment could end up.
On the flipside, keep in mind that you can actually enhance your standing with a future employer or client by maintaining a certain level of professionalism with your social media profiles.
That doesn’t mean you have to give up all notions of fun, humour and personality. For example, your social media profile pic can still be quirky, unusual or personal so long as it retains a level of decorum and quality and you can still post funny videos, so long as they aren’t offensive or crude.
By always pausing to think about your personal brand first before you do anything on social media, you can reap the benefits in much the same way your LinkedIn profile aims to achieve.
Once you’ve covered off on keeping your social media presence above board, the benefits of being friends with hundreds of people in your network or having a strong Twitter following can be just the same as if you were attending a networking session or business function.
Staying in contact with people from all over the world on social media can open doors and present new opportunities where you least expect them.
In today’s highly competitive, hyper-connected world, every professional needs to cover all bases when it comes to career and business prospects, and that includes your social media profile. more information visit

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