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Starting out in any career can be difficult, particularly when your chosen industry is a revolving door for change. Sure, you’ve dedicated great time and money to earning that graduating certificate, but when it’s time to apply for that all important first job, are you really ready for the professional world?

Some industries are open to change quicker than others, but when change does occur, will you still have the required skills to pass the test? There’s nothing worse than spending four years at university, only to realise your credentials have become outdated and that your competition has gained an advantage.

Here are five key ways to preserve your professional longevity so you can pass the acid test of time:

1. Don’t pigeonhole yourself: Narrowing your options is a sure fine way to seeing your dream job slip through your hands. You may feel that specialising in one area will give you the upper hand, but it can also limit your opportunities.

2. Be flexible: Diversity is the key to any good employee. When preparing for your future career extend your knowledge to include a set of skills that will serve you well in all situations. These may be as simple as typing or public speaking.

3. Develop new skills: Never assume you have mastered an area of expertise. There’s always room for improvement, and ways of topping up your knowledge. If you sit back and become complacent, then you’re likely to fall behind the pack.

4. Remain current with technology: Embrace change and learn how to maximise your value by becoming familiar with new technology and its many influences. Proficiency in technological advances is a major asset.

5. Say YES to everything: Never be afraid of trying something new as the benefits could be endless. Regret is a terrible feeling, so never decline an opportunity to improve yourself.

Remember, employers are looking for the best possible candidate. They want someone who ticks all the boxes. You need to give yourself the best shot at success. Consider the jack of all trades approach. Become the dynamic, reliable master of them all, not the fussy, one dimensional pretender sitting in the shadows.

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