The importance of confidence


There is no denying that a qualification is an important and in many cases determinant attribute when it comes to securing a job. There is certainly no denying the impact one will have on a prospective employee when they come to peruse your resume.

However, a tertiary education isn’t the only employee attribute that will sway the mind of the decision makers in your favour. One thing an employer tries to achieve by reading the job seeker’s cover letter and resume is the type of person the candidate is, their personality, and how they will synergise into the overall culture of the organisation.

Before a soon-to-be-interviewed candidate even walks into the interview they can begin making their mark on the organisation, and display superiority in the face of other prospective employees. By demonstrating a confidence in everything you do and say from the time you walk through the front doors of the café, office, store, workshop or factory, you are one step ahead of all the others also seeking a career change.

Confidence, displayed through both body and spoken language, convinces employees that you are sure of what it is you are doing, and that you are someone who are motivated and can get the job done. Once speaking with those who may soon be your employees, it is important to showcase your personality; the personal attributes that the selection panel were unable to determine by reading your resume.

Sure, your cover letter can include all the fancy words, the industry jargon, and how passionate you are about the field, but what will really seal the deal is exhibiting this personal investment in your work to the selection panel, all the while giving them a glimpse of the real you; the you that will be functional inside their business.
As well as confidence, innate attributes that cannot be taught including friendliness, warmth, charisma, and initiative, and the presence of personal values and motivations, are traits highly sought after by employers, who are well aware their clients benefit from the service of these employees.

Job seekers looking in the Australian job market should not be disheartened upon entering the interview phase without a qualification, as what they lack in technical training may be well and truly made up for in personal attributes in the eyes of the employee.

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