Five tips for returning to work after a baby

For many parents, returning to work after having a baby can be daunting and difficult. Our five tips for returning to work will help you make that transition smoothly, whether you are going back to your old job or searching for a new one.

1. Be realistic – Things have changed! Don’t be hard on yourself for missing your little one or needing to make that quick call on your lunch break to check on them. It is normal that your priorities have changed and giving yourself some time to adjust will make sure that your stress levels stay in check and your work performance isn’t affected.

2. Be honest – Don’t pretend you are leaving work early for an off-site meeting when you really need to collect a sick child from day care. Secrets always make their way out and trying to ‘cover your tracks’ will only result in an atmosphere of distrust with your workmates.

3. Put on your work hat – Take time to establish a small routine to help you get ready for focusing on work each day. A morning ritual, like picking up a coffee on the way to the office, can make sure that you are ready to be productive and focused on the job as soon as you get in the door.

4. Parenting skills matter – There are plenty of excellent skills that parenting adds to your repertoire: multi-tasking, prioritising, tracking milestones and working in a busy and chaotic setting to name just a few! Don’t undersell what you have learned since becoming a parent.

5. Keep your work/life balance on track – Work can offer more than just a pay cheque as you socialise, learn and reach personal goals, but it is also important to keep your life outside of work, especially that precious time with your family, as a priority. Getting the work/life balance right can make you more successful in all spheres of your life.

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