Maintain a Positive Attitude

The festive cheer is upon us, which means the year is coming to an official close. And if you haven’t nailed your dream job for next year just yet, don’t despair! Much like Santa’s spirit at Christmas time, it is important not to lose sight of your new year aspirations. See our hot tips on how to maintain a positive attitude as an end-of-year job seeker.

Job seekers at this time of the year know that employers are starting to wind down. And often, spending pressures are at their highest point of the year which can add to the toll. If job seeking has not presented the results you were hoping for yet, now is the time you really need to maintain a positive attitude.

Our professional resume writers at Resumes to You recognise this is a tough time for some. But, the Christmas holiday season can be an excellent time of the year to re-think your job-seeking attack and snatch an opportunity that those sleeping may miss.

Get ahead of the pack by starting now!

Following are our Resumes to You tips on how to keep yourself focused and on-track to nail your new year dream job.

Get organised

Put your year into review and look for any positive lessons you can build on. Prepare a critical once-over of your resume/CV and social media accounts and plan your New Year campaign.

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Get creative

Employers are currently on look-out for an employee with “wow factor” and often someone who will bring life to the company. Consider how you can deliver this when prospecting for a job. Wow factor can involve anything from revising your resume/CV to producing a simple, short video demonstrating your skills and innovative thinking.

Get networking

It is never too late to start networking and this is a great way to hear about unadvertised jobs and opportunities that you might otherwise miss. If you are feeling the pinch, networking may also help to take your focus off a pessimistic state-of-mind.

Virtual networking can also prove just as important as face-to-face opportunities. Capitalise on social media platforms like LinkedIn, which are great for business networking.

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Keep balanced

If you want to try getting out and about with a purpose, volunteering is often a rewarding task which could lead to new prospects too. Don’t overlook those extra volunteering opportunities that pop up at this time of the year.

But above all, it is vitally important to maintain perspective and don’t ignore this special time of the year for what it is. Amongst your job-seeking planning, remember to enjoy the time off with family and friends. Balance is essential to avoid burn-out or depression.

Need help getting your resume, CV or LinkedIn profile perfected? Resumes to You are on-hand to assist clients over the Christmas and holiday period. So, why not start the new year afresh!

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