5 Tips for Creating a Professional Social Media Profile Image

5 Tips for Creating a Professional Social Media Profile Image

What does your profile image say about you? Are you happy with that? Here are 5 tips for creating the personal brand you really want your photo to portray.

Unlike the old saying ‘never judge a book by its cover’, nothing could be further from the truth with online business profiles. Our social media profile photo is often the first thing recruiters and employers see. Much like a professionally written resume, it is vitally important to get it right as we are being judged – like it or not!

It now takes only a couple of seconds and one upload least favourable to put a bruise our career aspirations. Whether it is built into human DNA or not, people make judgements the moment they see an image. Recruiters gain their first impression on someone at their online profile photo.

So, with that in mind, what can we do to ensure our profile photo sings us all the right praises?

Other than the obvious, no party photos or bikini shots (well, dependant on career choice obviously…), consider these tips for creating the best profile photo for your personal brand.

#1 Appear approachable

A smart headshot does not need to be dull. Try to create some spark in your photo so that you look both professional and like someone who would be good to work with. Be natural, not boring. Having your head and shoulders fill the frame will ensure that viewers get to see you instead of other distractions in the background.

#2 Keep up to date

If your profile photo is as old as your 1980’s formal dress, it is time for a revamp! You might be very proud of your style “back in the day” but it is only confusing for your network when it comes time to meet you face-to-face. And for recruiters, it too can be off-putting having someone selling an out-dated version of themselves.

#3 Look the part

When it comes to professional profile photos, what you wear does matter. Think about what type of attire your future employer would want to see you wearing and dress to suit that image.

Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Ensure you are well-groomed and fresh-faced in your profile photo (photos the morning after a big night are never a good idea).

#4 Refrain from using a selfie shot

As good as your self-shutter skills may be, it is generally perceived more professional to hand someone else the camera to take your profile photo. Non-selfies are typically better quality and remove any stigma of too much self-love.

#5 A little photo editing is okay

If its good enough for glossy magazines then we think it is good enough for a professional profile image – within limits of course. Adjustments to tone, lighting, contrast, or the removal of an odd blemish or two is completely fine. With so many photo editing apps available these days, one has to think who does not use a filter or editing tool anyway?

For a bit of fun, you can check out some of our resume writers’ favourites here: Pixlr Express, Snapspeed, PS Express and Flickr.

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