Why Downloaded Templates Can Be Harmful for Your Job Application

Following by the book but still not getting any love in the job market? You were sure the downloaded resume template would get you noticed – and you are bang on! Noticed for all the wrong reasons.

Resume writing from a template is as good as buying a one-way ticket to nowhere. You have done all the hard work but there is nothing returned.

As professional resume writers we understand what it takes to knock up an effective resume or CV – originality, variation and delivery. These are just a few things that spring to mind.

To further highlight why the easy way out is not the best way forward, here are some of the top reasons why you should not use a downloaded resume or CV template.

Lazy or creative?

Recruiters have a keen eye for picking up on resume templates. Being labelled as doing it the easy way will not give you any credit for going above and beyond, which is never a good start to a job application. Do you want recruiters to believe you are an easy road rider, or someone who will dig it and get the job done?

Who is the resume writer?

Unless you are on a personal basis with the template creator, how do you know they are exactly who they claim they are? What makes this downloaded resume so great in the first place?

Unless you are in the game of professional resume writing or recruitment you are probably not in a great position to take their word for it – and is that really worth the risk for your job prospecting?

Would you like a virus with that?

This also falls back to the unknown behind the template developer. Anyone savvy with the web will know that downloads from the internet can contain viruses and other nasties. This is no different with resume templates.

What’s more important, resume templates have been known to contain background code which plays havoc with Applicant Tracking Software (ATS). This renders you unworthy of getting any further when this technology is used.

It’s an original sin

No one is the same as anyone else so why would you want to use a resume template that depicts the opposite. If you really are strapped for resume writing ideas, try this instead.

Search for uploaded resumes from real people in your field (you can often find these online). Get familiar with the language and terminology they have used. Check out their formatting and layout. Once you have seen a few – start your own based on the best parts combined. Be creative and be original, but most of all, don’t copy.

How to get help writing a resume if you can’t use a template

Quite simply – if you don’t rate your skills creating a knock-out resume or CV, get a resume writer to nail it for you.

Professional resume writers know the tricks and tips for addressing ATS and keywords that will get you noticed, for all the good reasons.

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