Recruiting and mobile platforms

Smartphones are being used everywhere, and using mobile platforms for recruiting has a number of benefits for recruiters and candidates. Now candidates can search for jobs, apply, and arrange interviews while they are on the move, while recruiters can enjoy a faster recruitment process and easy access to candidates.

With increasing numbers of candidates turning to mobile to find their next job, if you don’t have a solid mobile presence, you could be missing out on the best candidates.

Make your website mobile-friendly

If you advertise jobs on your site, make sure it is responsive and easy to read on a small screen. Be aware that if your job ads direct people to an application page on your site, they may be viewing and applying from a smartphone.

Your mobile website interface may be the first impression a potential recruit gets of your organisation. Make sure it is clear, easy to navigate and looks good. Where possible, keep it interactive to use, at least in the early stages of application.

Make use of visual content and videos

Video content is extremely mobile-friendly. Instead of a lengthy description about your organisation, or what you are looking for in candidates, why not consider posting a short video on your site? You could include a tour of your premises, current employees talking about what it’s like to work in your organisation or a manager discussing what they’re looking for in a candidate.

Scrolling through long passages of text and job descriptions can be awkward on a small screen and using video content makes it easier for mobile users to learn about your organisation as well as giving them a strong insight into your culture and staff. Finding the right retail employee is often as much about how they will fit into your brand as it is about their skills and experience, and giving them visuals can help them decide whether they would be a good fit.

Use social media

Make sure you have a presence on the main social media platforms your candidates are likely to be using. Social media apps make it easy to access popular platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter from a smartphone and posting regularly can help you reach both active and passive candidates.

Mobile technology is here to stay and it’s likely that its use will only increase. Now is a great time to make sure your organisation is up-to-date and making the best possible use of mobile technology for recruitment.

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