Things to Consider Before Hiring a Resume Writer

Not everyone is able to accurately record their experience, skills and work history on a resume, or present it an aesthetically pleasing way.  That’s why there are resume writers (like us!) who can help craft you an impressive resume that will hopefully land you that interview. However, there are many misconceptions about exactly what hiring […]

How to Make a Mid-Year Career Change 2019

How to Make a Mid-Year Career Change You’ve probably heard of the 7-Year Itch when it comes to relationships, but did you know that there’s a similar name for that yearning to change jobs halfway through the year? The Mid-Year Itch comes around with the colder months, which also signal that tax time is near. […]

10 Things You’ve Heard About Job Hunting That Just Aren’t True

Job hunting isn’t always the easiest thing to do. It can be very competitive, and facing a lot of rejection can get disheartening after a while, making it harder to give your all in the job search.  You’re also not doing yourself any favours by believing in those common job hunting myths that seem to […]

10 steps to grow confidence at work

10 steps to grow confidence at work Understanding where your doubt comes fromAs with all fears, we must understand their origins if we’re to meet them head on. The better you know yourself, the more you’ll be able to help yourself. Accepting itDenial is an emotion determined to hold us back from being what we’re […]

Reasons Why You Need an Excellent Resume

The world of job-hunting is incredibly competitive, and even those who may be suitable for a role often find themselves overlooked. Why is this?  The fact is that many resumes are poorly written and designed; they are filled with typos and incorrect language, do not highlight the relevant skills and are poorly formatted.  You need […]

Importance of Professional Resume-writing

Resume-writing does not only involve summarizing your qualifications and work-history, outlining your skills, and emphasizing traits you have. It is much more. It includes communicating with the employer why you are a perfect fit for the job. It needs to be an explanatory as well as a persuading statement to let the company know what […]

Signs of a Good Resume

A good resume is the one that is clear, concise, and flows perfectly well, while showcasing your industry-specific skills and highlighting your professional strengths. Signs of a good resume are it must be targeted, consistent, well-written, self-promoting, accurate, visually appealing, and grammatically correct. A resume, when fulfills all the above criteria, will stand out in […]

Why “Resumes to you” Melbourne?

Components of a Good Resume A good resume is your first chance to make a long-lasting impression at the employer. The header should be clean and simple, consisting of the home address, Email ID, and contact number. Your career objective should be specific and should talk about your strengths, goals, and passion. Skip details in […]

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