Do You Know Where to Find The Hidden Job Market?

Finding The Hidden Job Market

Have you heard people refer to the hidden job market? It sounds like a secret society and that you need some sort of special referral in order to be a part of it.

But in reality, it’s merely a way to cast a wider net when you’re searching for a job. It’s not relying on job sites or boards and is instead being more proactive in your hunt.

So how do you access the hidden job market? Forget worrying about learning secret handshakes. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about finding a job in this broader network.

What is the Hidden Job Market?

Did you know that most vacancies get filled without the job getting advertised?  Sometimes this is through internal appointments, and other times it’s from individuals making their availability known to a company they would like to work for. 

Recruitment is expensive, and if a business is aware of someone who is a good fit and they’re available, this individual will likely get hired for the role.

It might also be possible to change careers within your existing company. There are plenty of advantages to taking this route. For starters, you already know the inner workings of the organisation, and all of your potential stakeholders know you too.

But you can’t wait for the tap on the shoulder. You need to let the right people know that you want a job change.

Why You Need to Research

If you’ve got your eyes on a potential employer, you’ll want to do thorough research on them so that you can learn as much about them as possible.

Investigate whether you share their values and believe in their vision. Look to see what other employees think of the company, and it matches their mission statement.  Find out if they hire employees themselves or use contractors to perform the job you’re interested in. This is important to know as you don’t want to waste your time sending an application to a company that outsources the role you’re looking at.

If you find companies that match what you are looking for, then get in contact with them. Many managers will keep a hold of your résumé and get in touch if something comes up. This benefits both of you.  They won’t need to advertise for a position, and you’ve developed a new relationship that will come in handy when they have a job vacancy.

This is exactly how the hidden job market works.

How LinkedIn Can Help

LinkedIn is one of the significant homes of the hidden job market. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a social media platform where you can network with people who can help your career and job search.

You can grow a network with LinkedIn and increase your chances of landing the job of your dreams. LinkedIn not only posts new job ads, but they can provide an opportunity for you to develop relationships with employees within companies and the industry that you’re looking to become a part of. These individuals may also let you know about jobs before they get advertised.

Expanding Your Network

You shouldn’t stop broadening your network at LinkedIn. You should look at your entire social network.  Speak with the people you see at weekend sporting activities, out the front of your children’s school, and within your own neighbourhood. All of these people can become part of the hidden job network.

Make the Right Connections

While it’s fine to let people know that you’re looking for a change in careers, it’s important to know the right people to mention this to. If you’re currently employed, be sure that communicating your plans around the office isn’t going to cause any disruptions.

If you’re connecting with people in a similar industry, ensure that they will keep it confidential. But also let them know that you’re open to opportunities and see if they’ll provide advice on you can go about applying for a role with their company.

When opportunities come up within the hidden job market, you’ll want to make sure you have an outstanding resume. If you’re going to make the best impression and ensure that your name is kept on file, you should contact us.

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