How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

When people meet you in a business setting, they often Google your name afterward—and your LinkedIn profile is one of the first search results to show up.  If people haven’t met you professionally, your profile can be even more important.  It may be the first contact a potential client or employer has with you.

You wouldn’t show up for a job interview in shorts, and your LinkedIn profile shouldn’t be casual or incomplete either.  It’s is a more human version of your resume, and should highlight the most important aspects of your career or education in a succinct but engaging way.  To make your profile shine this New Year, Matt Tutty of Resumes To You suggests we follow these simple suggestions.

Get a professional photo.

Use keywords

Add a summary

Add skills and endorsements that matter

LinkedIn profile

Your LinkedIn profile is a more human version of your paper resume, one that allows you to include a lot more information in an engaging way.  Add samples of your work—video, pdfs, presentations, whatever might pique the interest of the person you’re hoping to impress.

Last of all, keep it current, and be active.  Update your profile regularly so that it reflects who you are and where you want to go.  Engage with others—join groups, be active.  You’re not an introvert at the office, so don’t be one on LinkedIn.

Resumes To You professional profile service is aimed at putting the best of their clients out there, and making sure it’s seen.

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