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Leading online resume service Resumes To You has announced its tips and predictions for job hunting in 2015. While the festive season means a well-earned break for the majority of employees, it’s also a time to reflect on the year that has passed – and to contemplate goals for the one to come. By taking the initiative early, ambitious individuals can seize opportunities well ahead of the pack.

‘This time of year, job vacancies still get listed over the Christmas and New Year holidays,’ says Resumes To You director Matt Tutty. Most businesses and organizations close down over the Christmas period, but that certainly doesn’t mean that directors and managers stop thinking about next year. Enthusiastic professionals aspiring to promotions or career changes should keep a close eye on job listings in newspapers and websites. By making the effort to submit applications, even when on holidays, an employee demonstrates the kind of enthusiasm and work ethic that businesses find desirable.

Those who are not quite yet ready to make career moves, but are hoping to do so before 2015 is out, should approach their current role strategically. Many employees make the mistake of being confined by their job description. But it’s important to go beyond it – both inside and outside the office. In the workplace, employees should practise working smarter, rather than longer. This means intensifying focus so that assigned tasks are completed as quickly as possible. Time wasted on distractions, such as email, phone and visitors, should be reduced and multitasking should be avoided. It’s one thing to feel busy; it’s quite another to achieve outstanding efficiency.

At the same time, employees should put themselves forward for challenges and not be afraid to take on tasks outside their job description. Firstly, this provides opportunities to learn new skills. Secondly, it’s an easy way of standing out from the crowd. An employee valued for their ‘can-do’ attitude, enthusiasm and willingness to move outside the box is far more likely to achieve a promotion than one who is limited to their routine.

Outside of the workplace, employees should seek out ways of gaining experience and learning new skills. This is especially the case if they are hoping for a promotion that calls for qualities that aren’t required in their present role. Advancing in this way might involve taking courses, attending relevant conferences, participating in workshops and seeking advice from agencies and professionals. Organizing meetings with industry leaders is a great idea. On one hand, it’s a way of gaining tips and information firsthand; on the other, it provides a relaxed yet effective avenue for networking.

Finally, keeping resumes, LinkedIn profiles and social media accounts updated and revamped is crucial. Employees ready to make career changes should reflect carefully on 2014, and make a list of all their achievements and important experiences. Those with a tendency to take the whole silly season thing literally should be very careful about what they display and share in cyberspace. Excessive behavior isn’t a good look – even at Christmas time.

Merry Christmas from Matt and the team at Resumes To You

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