Why Job Seekers Are Lazy!

You have created yourself a professionally written resume, sorted your interview attire and have made yourself perfectly ready for that dream job. Congratulations on an effort well done. Unfortunately for you, this is typically where it stops. Why? Because job seekers are lazy!

In my profession as a resume writer and someone who receives many job applications, I see all kinds of CV’s and application letters. What seems to be more common among the documents I receive is a lack of general effort.

In a recent job application process advertised by Resumes to You, we received a healthy number of applicants. But, the real winner of that application process was evidence. Evidence indeed that job seekers are lazy…

What makes a job seeker lazy?

We can define a job seeker as lazy by a few means. But, what frustrates me personally the most is a job seeker who puts in minimal effort for a task that is expected to give them maximum impact, i.e. a new job! Here are a few tangible examples, based on evidence of our most recent job application process.

Of the people who applied for the role advertised;

  • there was one person who followed all instructions correctly on how to apply for the job
  • only 11% of applicants bothered to write a job application letter with their submission
  • only 6% of applicants tailored their resume towards the role advertised

Of those who received a letter of an unsuccessful application;

  • only four applicants responded to the notice
  • only one applicant replied seeking more feedback
  • one applicant replied using a sad emoji…!
  • one applicant replied and stated they were qualified for the role but failed to tailor the resume with relevant experience to show experience

What can you do to ensure you are not labelled a lazy job seeker?

If you are taking the time to write or update a resume and apply for a job, ensure your effort will provide every opportunity for the impact and result you are hoping to achieve. Here are a three quick tips on how to prepare yourself properly.

#1 Tailor it

Look over the job advertisement you are applying for and tailor your resume and application according to that job.

  1. Focus your main information on the role you are applying for (remove anything that is not relevant)
  2. Ensure you follow the application guidelines set out in the job ad – if you are asked for a cover letter then write and include a cover letter (it’s not rocket science)
  3. Set your resume out so it is clear, concise, easy to read and to the point
  4. Include details about your previous role/s – summarise your key responsibilities applicable to the role you are applying for, KPI’s, etc. How did you meet those KPI’s and perform the role?
  5. Do not use generic resumes from a job board

#2 Proof it

Take the time to proof read your resume and CV in its entirety. Check for grammar and spelling (make use of spell check on the computer).

#3 Finalise it

When you are happy that you have checked everything over and included what needs to be included, you can then finish your job application.

Submit your application according to the information set out in the job advertisement. If you have to send your application to a particular person, address that person on your application too. What format have they asked for? Have you addressed that correctly?

Post-application job seeker etiquette

If you are not successful at securing the job you went after, remember that not all news is bad news. If you receive a letter of unsuccessful application, use this as a chance to respond, thank the recruiter and or employer and ask for more detail.

Gain an insight into your strengths and weaknesses from the recruiter’s point of view to see where you can improve on for future applications and endeavours. Do they have any valuable constructive feedback, for example;

  • Did you present or explain yourself as best as you thought?
  • If they find some of your skills need improvement, is there a training course you could undertake to improve those skills?

Not all job seekers are lazy. But those expect to be rewarded for minimal effort really get under my skin. To make sure you don’t make the same mistake, just follow my quick tips for preparing your application properly.

If you are ready to put your best foot forward but don’t know where to start, get in touch with our team at Resumes to You. Our resume writers can prepare a professional resume and cover letter, and write selection criteria too.

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