Do you Think Using an Online Resume Template is a Good Idea in 2022,Think again.

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Do you Think Using an Online Resume Template is a Good Idea

Why those pretty resume templates from amateur resume writers can really harm your career.Do you Think Using an Online Resume Template is a Good Idea?

You might think that having a gorgeous-looking resume will get noticed, especially now that the job market is even more competitive than usual. The trouble with these online resume templates, particularly those offered by online ‘resume writers’ (seen on Airtasker and the like) is that many focus on style over substance and are taking shortcuts.

In short – their resume may look nice, but it’s likely not going to get you interviews.

Here are the two biggest reasons why you should always choose professionals over amateurs when it comes to getting a resume written with a template. Do you Think Using an Online Resume Template is a Good Idea?

The content won’t be up to standard

The main thing to remember about these amateur ‘resume writers’ is that they often just copy and paste content, meaning you’re going to end up with extremely similar resumes to other people who’ve used their ‘services’. Do you Think Using an Online Resume Template is a Good Idea?

Here are some other problems you’ll usually run into with the content:

  • Not being keyword optimised
  • Tends to be full of cliches that won’t be taken seriously
  • Won’t highlight your uniqueness and make you stand out from other candidates
  • Your work history won’t be tailored to your specific achievements or experience.

A great resume is the opposite of all these; a professional resume writer (like one of those on the Resumes To You team) personalises each resume to ensure it highlights your relevant skills, experience and achievements. 

It’s also keyword optimised for the Applicant Tracking System (ATS, which we’ll talk about more below), and is tailored to you and your career. It addresses the employer’s requirements, instead of being generic. 

This sort of personalisation isn’t usually offered by unprofessional ‘resume writers’.

It won’t be compatible with ATS 

Applicant Tracking Systems are what many recruiters use before even looking at a resume. The problem with fancy templates is that they won’t be readable (partly or fully) by the ATS software. 

Employers often get hundreds – sometimes even thousands – of resumes, and they use ATS to help them sort out candidates to interview. If the ATS can’t read your resume, you’re instantly put in the rejected pile. 

Here are some of the common problems with these resume templates, and how they affect your chances with the ATS reading software:

  • If your resume isn’t in Word format, forget it – some newer ATS can read PDF, but a Word document is always best
  • Lack of phrases or keywords the employer has asked the ATS to search for
  • An ATS can’t make sense of columns (or tables), as lines disappear and content gets muddled together when it tries to read it
  • These resume templates are in the wrong format due to all the imagery – which the ATS software can’t even understand.

Essentially, even the most aesthetically-pleasing resume will still see your application rejected if it isn’t formatted correctly for the ATS.

Most of these resume template creators also give their files to you as a PDF, which only the newer ATS software can read. That’s one sign you can look for as a way to avoid dodgy resume writers.

Recently purchased a resume template and not had success scoring interviews? Let Resumes To You help!

The trouble with the decorative resume templates on offer is that people see them and think that style matters more than the content. As you’ve discovered in this blog, that’s not the case at all!

All you’re doing is wasting time and money when you use one of those pretty online resume templates. 

If you want to get noticed and get interviews, you need Resumes To You.

Our team of professional and knowledgeable resume (and other career document) writers know what it takes to get your resume noticed by recruiters. 

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