Got a Video Interview? Here’s What to Wear to succeed now.


While it might sound more casual than an in-person interview, you still need to carefully consider your attire when doing a remote interview.

Got a Video Interview? Here’s What to Wear, The outfit you wear for your interview is one of the things you’re immediately judged on by interviewers. The age of COVID-19 has brought about a rise in working from home, which naturally means that most interviews have turned virtual too.

Zoom is one of the more popular video conferencing platforms that businesses have incorporated into their interview processes. So, if you’ve got a video interview on Zoom, Skype, or any other similar platform, you need to know how to dress for it.

There are some important points you need to keep in mind, as video interviews require slightly different attire.

Got a Video Interview, Here’s What to Wear, Here’s what you should and shouldn’t wear when you’ve got a video interview. 

What To Wear To Interview
Got A Video Interview? Here's What To Wear To Succeed Now. 4

What to do – Got a Video Interview? Here’s What to Wear

Wear something bold

Usually, you would wear more muted colours in a face-to-face interview, but video interviews are an exception to this. You’ll make more of an impression, and improve your chances of success. Don’t go overboard, however.

Wear a neutral tone other than white

If you were planning on wearing white in your ensemble at all, you’ll need to alter your outfit. White isn’t good on a webcam; it washes you out and can overpower the view on the screen.

You don’t want anything obscuring your face while you’re interviewing. Go for a colour like beige that won’t do these things on-screen.

Wear basic jewellery – and not too much

You want your accessories (if you choose to wear them) to enhance your outfit, rather than distract from it. Don’t go big and bright; stay with simple jewellery that won’t make distracting noises or draw your interviewer’s attention away from you. 

Wear neutral makeup

Webcams can wash you out and are often unflattering in general, so putting on some basic makeup is a good idea to look more presentable. Natural is best, like for in-person interviews – no bold eyeshadows required. 

A nice base, some concealer, blush or bronzer, and a touch of mascara are all you need to look brighter on camera. You’ll counteract the effect of the webcam on your face, and look more presentable. 

If you don’t wear makeup often, practice applying it before your interview.

Wear a full outfit -Got a Video Interview? Here’s What to Wear,

Don’t just put on a business shirt and call it a day, leaving your pyjama pants on for the interview. Many an interviewee has been caught out by this, as they either plain forget or don’t consider it important as the interviewer can only see their top half. 

Interviewers want to know that you’re still taking the process seriously, so they might ask you to stand up while you’re in your video chat. You don’t want to appear unprofessional and lose the job because you didn’t fully dress appropriately.

Test your outfit before the day

Things look different on a webcam than they do in the mirror, so wear your planned interview outfit and do a test. For example, you might think your shirt is fine, but it could be see-through on camera. You don’t want to discover that when you start the interview! 

You also need to make sure that your planned clothing fits you properly, so that you’re comfortable and look presentable. You don’t want an outfit that’s too tight or too loose; one that fits well will boost your confidence.

What not to do

Don’t wear distracting prints or patterns

While we said to wear bold colours, you should steer clear of wearing loud patterns or prints. They’ll take focus away from you, and they don’t look very flattering on a webcam either. Neutral and solid colours are the way to go.

Don’t wear revealing clothing

A job interview isn’t the place for low-cut spaghetti strap tops, or showing too much skin in any other way. It’s inappropriate and shows the interviewer that you don’t care about presentation; it could also be viewed by them as disrespectful. That definitely won’t land you the job!

Don’t neglect your hair

Make sure your hair looks neat, and wear it in a style that you feel comfortable in. Remember to keep your hair professional though – no pigtails, for example, or having it hang in your face.

Don’t wear anything sparkly

Shimmery eyeshadow or tops can look gorgeous in person, but glitter isn’t a good idea when you’re on webcam. Sparkles will distract your interviewer by reflecting light into your webcam, so it’s best to avoid glittery or shimmery clothing, accessories and makeup altogether during your video interview. 

Since you’ll be having your interview in the comfort of your own home, you don’t have to worry about getting to the interview location on time. Use the extra time this gives you to ensure you’re completely camera-ready.

Got a Video Interview? Here’s What to Wear, Ace that video interview with a well-thought-out outfit using our tips.

Test drive your outfit, including hair and makeup, so that you know it looks good on camera and that you’ll be comfortable. Make sure to stick to solid, neutral colours with a pop of bold colouring if need be, but no loud patterns or glitter – you want the interviewer to focus on you, not how you look on screen!

Follow our tips and you’ll ace your video interview.
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Got A Video Interview? Here's What To Wear To Succeed Now. 5

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