3 Easy Tips to Help with Your Mid-Year Career Move

The middle of the year is upon us for yet another time. A phase of the year in our fine country, when Jack Frost comes out to play and the cooler weather takes hold. At this time of the year, some of us find it very hard to emerge from the doonas and blankets and find the motivation to get out of bed and trip off to work. I find what makes June/July even more testing for the employed, is tax time. The mid-year itch really takes hold when;
  • It’s cold, and you’re lacking motivation to rise and shine.
  • Your income is scrutinised and you realise your worth at the hands of the tax man.
  • You get home, at the same time you would in summer, and yet it’s already dark. No time for embracing the sun.
  I can’t speak for everyone, but perhaps these points play a contributing role to the seemingly increasing number of resume revamps and CV ship-up requests we receive during the middle of the year. If you are like many, and are on the look-out for a new venture, here are some quick tips for how you can make the task of job searching a little easier for yourself.
  1. Quality Check Your Resume
A good-quality resume, with appropriate buzz words and relevance to the job or industry you are applying for, is a must. Your resume is the first foot in the door to potential employers and an opportunity to sell yourself. Make sure it is a due reflection of your personal brand as well as your experience. You should re-evaluate your resume or CV before you even start to look for new prospects.
  1. Register with Online Job Portals
There are many free employment sites where you can register your details. Most free job sites offer the opportunity to receive notifications for the types of roles you are seeking as well. Social media sites, such as LinkedIn, are now readily available with job search functionality. The Australian Government offer a portal that links to individual states, public service roles, defence force jobs, as well as a section for Indigenous careers. Check out your local councils for the same free services too. Seek is another good, and well-known, online job portal.
  1. Grow Your Network
Like the blog we have just published about connecting with employers online, networking is a very good tool for job seekers. Whether it be through social media, or connecting with business people in the real world, networking gets you noticed and could lead to opportunities that arise. If you are not the best wordsmith in town, find it difficult to sell yourself on a resume, or simply would like to have your resume checked over by an expert in the field, our team at Resumes To You can help. The mid-year itch is upon us, don’t waste your efforts at job searching if you don’t have the right tools to succeed. Get in touch with our experts today. Visit www.resumestoyou.com.au to learn more or click here to connect with Resumes To You on LinkedIn or Facebook.
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