How to Conduct Yourself When Connecting with an Employer Via Facebook

The era of the world wide web is certainly on us and the ease of connecting with employers and job seekers online is even more convenient nowadays. Facebook, and other social network platforms including LinkedIn, have fast become a go-to tool for recruiters.

According to recent research, more than half the number of recruiters are turning to Facebook for new talent acquisition as well.

Social networking provides recruiters with a cost-effective alternative and a real opportunity to build personal connections with job seekers, long before the interview process. For this very reason, job seekers need to be more diligent of how they portray themselves and especially mindful of their online conduct. An online personal brand can often make or break a job application.

So, exactly how should you conduct yourself when connecting with an employer online?

For triumph of good first impressions and success of online networking with recruiters, there are some very basic principles you should take into consideration.

  1. Talking business

Recruiters and employers are business people. They are out there looking for other people of business who they deem are fitting for particular roles. When you connect with a recruiter or employer, remember to conduct yourself in the same way you would if you were talking with them face to face.

  1. Remain professional

Further to the point above, remember to remain professional. As tempting as it may be to use abbreviations and emojis online, resist the temptation. The information that you embed on the screen is simply a due reflection of your personal brand too. Take your time, check over your spelling and grammar and read over it before you hit that magic send button.

Don’t forget punctuality is an important key also. Respond to messages in a timely manner, do not leave the sender hanging.

  1. Don’t get too “friendly”

Although Facebook brands its community as “friends”, social media is not always about being social. Remember, you are speaking with a potential gateway to a new job and career. They don’t need to know about your weekend in detail, a simple “good thank you” can answer a lot of questions.

  1. Invest the time

When you use the convenience of social media to set up connections with recruiters, you need to invest the time to organise your personal brand first. Use caution for the photos you put out there and the information that you post. Also, be mindful of those posts you chose to ‘like’ as they too can be linked back to you and the judgement cast about you.

Facebook is part of the overall solution for recruiters, with less cost involved, less time spent in the process, and a highly effective way to cast out the networking web.

It is a known fact that recruiters use Facebook not only to connect with, but also to research applicants. Are you happy with how you will be portrayed? If not, do something to fix it, and do it pronto.

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