References in Your Job Application

If you are human, you compete. It’s basic laws of humanisation. Often it is the most powerful who gets the upper hand in any competition. The strongest, the fastest, the wittiest, the slow and steady. It simply comes down to the type of competition.

Applying for a job is no different. It is a contest itself, which starts the moment you commence your job seeking. Once you send your resume away, you hand the power and control of the competition over to the prospective employer. It is often a time of anxiousness and hopefulness rolled into one.

But, is there any way you can get some of your power back and remain a little more in control of the job recruitment process?

Removing your referees from your resume can be a good place to start and our resume writers, at Resumes To You, have come up with some insight to tell you why.

1. Heads-Up
Removing referees from your resume provides you a little insight into how well you did at the interview. If the recruiter is interested in potentially exploring more about you as a viable candidate, they will ask for your referees.

This will also give you some time to get in touch with your referees and provide them information about the job in the case they are contacted. It’s a good idea to arm them with the key roles of the position and perhaps some help on how you see yourself as the fitting candidate. Remember to ask your referees permission to give their contact details away first. And never use referees that stretch that far back into your employment history, that they don’t even remember what you look like!

2. A Connected World
With social media sites like LinkedIn now so prevalent, recruiters often have all the endorsements and background they need about you, before you even get in the door. Make sure your social media profiles are looking sharp before you start your job hunt.

3. Space Waster
With space usually at a premium in job applications, why would you fill it with information that is not going to win you the job? Unless you have the head of some well-respected corporation as a cracking referee, it might be worth considering leaving them off and keeping your resume free of clutter.

4. Adhere to Their Wishes
As much as we have said you may not want to include referees, be sure to check the job advertisement to make sure it does not state otherwise. Sometimes, job advertisers will ask for referee details straight up, and you could do yourself injustice by not including those on your resume. It is important to follow directions listed on the job advertisement above anything else.

If you want to compete in a good game and get yourself noticed as a star player, consider hiring the services of a professional resume writer to sell your skills. Resume writers know all the resume trends and tricks of the trade to take the anxiousness out of any job application. Get your resume ready for success today!

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