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How To Protect Yourself On Social Media From Employers

How to Protect Yourself on Social Media from Employers

It is becoming increasingly popular for employers to use social media to screen potential employees. While a person could shut down or lock up their social media, that may not be the best option. Employers aren’t necessarily trying to catch you doing something wrong. They usually are just trying to see who you are as a person. It is a good idea to keep social profiles active and practice proper social media etiquette.

Protect Your Privacy

When thinking about social media, remember that nothing is private. However, there is an option to limit who can see specific posts. If there is information or videos that contain personal or sensitive information, be sure to only share it with those you trust by checking the sharing options available.

Screen Your Profile

Use a search engine to find the social media page you are trying to protect. Make sure the social media site is not logged into the profile in question. Taking a look at the profile through a search engine can help determine what can be seen by the public.

Eliminate Unwanted Tags

People can’t always control what photos they are tagged in. To avoid being tagged in unwanted photos or posts, look at the social media site settings and see if you can screen posts you are tagged in before they are added to your social media page.

Post Appropriate Content

Share articles with thoughtful commentary. Try to avoid rants and always check for typos. Skip sharing photos at the bar. Instead, share photos of hikes, dinners with friends, baking pies, whatever is authentic to who you are.

Making social media sites appropriate for employers to see isn’t as hard as it might seem. Make a few simple changes such as self-editing what you post and checking privacy settings. These changes will help you put your best foot forward and are sure to impress prospective employers.
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