Is Career Coaching Worth the Cost?

Is Career Coaching Worth the Cost?

To be coached or not to be coached? That is a common question. The answer – read on to make up your own mind.

These days you can be coached in just about anything. And when there is not a coach for that, you simply Google it for some self-education! As resume writers we have seen a rising trend of business coaches mentioned on CV’s. The question we are often asked – are they really worth all the hype?

Neutral on the subject we have done some investigation to answer the simple question.

Obviously, all career or business coaches are not the same. However, below is some insight into common specialities of career coaches so you can make up your own mind.

Career coach specialities

A career coach will take the time to distinguish what you ultimately want to achieve in the workspace and make recommendations based on this. They will assess your talents, personal traits, personality and ambition to place you on the right path for a career you will be most happy (and skilled in) doing.

A career coach has the knack at detecting strengths and weaknesses. They are typically open and honest and will offer their insight into your limitations.

To gain what you want to achieve, a career coach will set short and long-term goals for you to be ultimately successful.

They provide job search guidance including advice for interview techniques should you be successful in getting to the next step.

What a career coach does not do

A career coach does not tell you exactly what job to go after. They simply make recommendations based on their assessment of your mission and vision (as mentioned above). No one likes to be told what to do by anyone and a career coach does not go about business that way either.

They will not assume to know everything about you. Be wary of any business coach who makes a predetermined mould prior to your initial engagement. You are the main ingredient needed for career success, not someone who claims to know you better than yourself – without even meeting you!

A career coach will not write your resume or CV. That is not their speciality. They will give you their best advice and guidance on the application process but will not do it for you. Resume writers are best placed to assist with resume preparation and CV writing.

Career coaches are people too. They are only as good as the information you provide.

If you want a career coach to help find you career success you must be open, be honest, and be prepared to hear the good with the bad occasionally. Being worth the money will then come down to how well you execute their advice.

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