How to Make the Most of Your Days When Unemployed.

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Whether you’ve been fired, made redundant, graduated, or quit your previous job, it can be tough to handle. It’s draining both mentally and financially, especially if you remain jobless for a long period of time. While it’s tempting to spend your days in your PJs watching Netflix after being beaten down by the job-hunting process, it won’t get you anywhere. 

Rest days are important, of course, but when you’re seeking employment you need to make the most of each day to increase your chances of being hired. 

We’ve put together some tips for making the most of your day when you’re unemployed and keep yourself mentally and physically healthy at the same time. 

Make a daily schedule to keep yourself in a routine

Schedules keep you motivated and provide you with a direction for your day. Feeling lost or directionless can be a big issue when you’re unemployed, and can lead to becoming depressed. 

You don’t have to plan your day down to the minute, you just need to give yourself a clear outline to stick to. 

Include a sensible wake-up time, getting ready for the day (showering, dressing, brushing your teeth, etc.), searching for and applying for jobs, networking, exercise, socialising and a healthy bedtime. 

Good sleeping habits are important

Set your alarm for the same time every morning, and go to bed at a reasonable time each night. This will help you stay in a routine for when you rejoin the workforce and stop you from wasting your day sleeping after being awake all night. That’s what weekends are for, after all! You’ll also feel much better after a good night’s sleep.

Spend time applying for jobs every day

There may not always be a suitable position available each day, but you should be searching as many different job sites and boards as possible during your day. This way, you’ll be on top of any relevant job postings that come up and can be an early applicant. You’ll also find more jobs to apply for this way, which improves your chances of being interviewed and then hired.

You should also use this time to find other resources for your job hunt, such as searching for more niche job sites, as well as social media pages and specific company websites. Sometimes, the perfect job opportunity arises somewhere other than a major job board – and you want to see it when it does.

If you want your job search to feel less monotonous, a handy idea is to dedicate different days to searching through specific job sites or boards. For example, Monday could be your social media search day, and Tuesday could be for searching job boards.

Organise your applications

Keeping track of each job will help you stay organised. We recommend designating a status that shows where each application is up to, such as: researching, applied for, interviewed for, etc. Whether you create folders or use labels, find a system that works for you so that you can quickly and easily check the status of each application.

Make time for networking

LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for networking when used to its full advantage. You can also email contacts you already have, keeping the connection going so that they will think of you if they hear of a relevant job opening. Networking is a large part of job hunting and can be done in other ways too. Volunteering and interning will help you grow your network of connections and give you more experience for your resume as well, which is never a bad thing.

Stay positive, and reach out for help when you need it

It can be difficult to stay positive when you’re unemployed, but attitude is key to getting through any tough time. Ask for support when you’re having trouble, whether from family, friends, or the team here at Resumes To You

We’ve got years of experience in HR and recruiting, and know what it takes to craft you a resume, cover letter or selection criteria that will make you stand out from the crowd. We understand how hard it is when you’re unemployed, and we want to give you the best chance at landing that new role. 

With these tips and by working with us, you’ll have productive days while searching for employment – and will spend less time out of work thanks to being proactive!

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