7 Job Application Email Samples You Can Use now.


If you are searching for a new job or a first job that is like a real career, you know it is hard work. Some might say you treat the job search like a job, putting in the hours of work to get the intended result.

You know you have worked hard on creating the best resume to feature your skills and experience. You have prepped for the interview questions and tweaked the answers to make sure you showcase your abilities as a candidate.

But so much of the job application process is done digitally these days. How can you make sure you are presenting yourself in the best light as a candidate in the emails you send out to potential employers?

Certainly, it’s not a one size fits all kind of situation. If you have ever sat at your keyboard fretting over the perfect wording for your emails, then you are not alone.

Read on to learn about some different templates to use before hitting send on that job application email.

Email Things To Remember

Before we get to specifics about the type of email to send, let’s cover some basics.

Remember, this is a potential employer, so you don’t want to send an informal email as you might send to a friend. Don’t associate an email with being more casual.

Here are a few simple (think obvious) things to remember:

  • Include a subject line so the employer can see what the email is regarding.
  • Don’t forget to add attachments like sample work and your resume.
  • Include a more formal cover letter.
  • If you are replying to a job posting, pay attention to what the employer wants from you in the posting.
  • Sign your full name with contact information.

Treat this email like it is the first handshake you are making in the process of landing the job. There is a correct way to send a job application email.

1. New Graduate Prospect

As a new graduate from school, you know it might be a little harder to get noticed in the job market. You don’t have the same experience level to highlight as some candidates or potentially some of the same connections.

In your email, you want to show them you took note of their posting and you have done some research on them as a company.

You want to highlight that you have been recently in school as an asset. You can show you have been learning the latest education has to offer in your field.

2. Experienced Professional

In this scenario, your experience is king. You want to send an email that quickly highlights the experience you offer, especially if the job you are seeking is in the same field.

You want to show how what you have learned from your current employer will help the potential company.

Show the company you are applying to the skills and experience you bring to the table benefits them as an employer. Highlight your years in the field and if you have any specific accomplishments.

3. Having A Connection Or Contact

You’ve probably heard the expression, it’s not what you know, but who. If you have a connection or a contact that gives you even the slightest upper hand in getting noticed, you need to use it to your benefit.

Mention this person by and association in your email. If they are scanning an email and recognize a name, they might take notice.

For example:

My college friend, Matthew Clark, is an accountant in your firm. I am also interested in the accounting position you have open and Matthew tells me you are a great company to work for.

4. Career Change

In today’s world, workers don’t stay at the same job their whole life. In truth, many don’t stay in the same industry even. If you are making a career change from one industry to another, you have to write a unique email.

You still have experience in the workforce. What skills and experiences do you have that you can apply to the new career? Think about how you can highlight your previous experiences to help the company in this new field.

Consider showing how your interests helped you to make this leap for a new career and your excitement at the prospect will make you a true asset to the company.

5. Follow-Up Email After A Personal Contact

In a job search, anything you can do to get noticed, and remembered, is key. If you met with a potential employer in person at a job fair or in an interview, you must do a follow-up email.

This email reminds the employer of your meeting and gets your name and face back in their head. Remind them of your conversation and what job you hope to land with them.

Give them any additional information they might want and also highlight, again, what you as a potential employee, can bring to their workforce.

6. Social Media Contact

Let’s face it, social media has changed so much about our lives including searching for a job.

You may have had contact with a potential employer through a job site like LinkedIn. If you have already been communicating with a human resources person in the company, remind them of that contact.

Also, remind the employer about the job you have already been in contact over. Let them know you continue to be open to a face to face interview and you remain interested in the position you discussed via the social media platform.

7. Internship Contact

Even before you are looking for that first real career job, you are searching for a job. You know that landing the internship is key to building some experience you can highlight on your future resume.

As a candidate for an internship, highlight your educational experience. Many companies like hiring interns for their energy and enthusiasm level.

Be sure to let the employer know when you are available for an internship, in addition to what you can offer their company in the short term. Internships are a great way to get your foot in the door for future employment, so take advantage of the chance to land that internship.

Getting Your Job Application Noticed With The Right Email

Writing the perfect email to a potential employer is one part of presenting yourself as the perfect candidate for the job.

Treat it like it is as important as your resume and cover letter in the job application process.

Do you want help creating the best job search materials? Contact us today to get started creating your job search package. We’ll help you land that coveted job quickly.

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