How Much is a Resume in 2018?

How much does a resume cost in 2018? The question should be – how much are you willing to risk on cheap alternatives?

If you are reading this article it is safe to assume that you’re looking for a professional resume writer. Professional being the key here. If you are comparing prices to have your resume compiled, remember not everything in life comes down to the amount of money dished out on a service.

We are not quite sure how they do it on Mars. Here on our planet there are generally a few fundamentals worth weighing up when asking about a cost for a resume service.

Before you get sucked into a blackhole of phony resume writers with amateur results, check out our tips for why a professional resume writing service is worth its weight in gold.

What is your personal brand worth in 2018?

Resume writing involves giving your personal details to a stranger and relying on them to put your best foot forward. The majority of the time these people don’t know you and use only the information which you provide. Yes, amateur writers might get the job done – but do they present you at your best, or put you on the back foot?

A professional resume writer on the other hand, delves a little further. We are trained to pick-up on any gaps in details or information that does not flow.

Our writing is meticulously scripted to present your brand industry-specific and job-ready. If there are details missing and gaps that need smoothing over, we fix the fissures and seal the cracks. Employers and recruiters don’t waste time with guessing games – it’s imperative to get the detail on point first go.

This is a value-add that is often lacking with cheap resume alternatives.

What is your next job worth to you?

Professional resume writing is usually not the cheapest option around. But, a professional resume has the potential to increase your value substantially. How?

Imagine this.

You get a professional resume written, which was at a higher price than Joe Blogs’ amateur services. The resume gets you an interview and you nail the job – yay, congrats! The resume that you invested in has already done its job. Why?

  • Your new salary has increased by just one dollar an hour
  • You work a regular 35-hour a week job
  • Over the course of 52 weeks, this equates to $1820 gross

Now, imagine if you received a higher increase. That’s a pretty exciting return on investment. One that you may not have received if you were less-impressively represented in the first place.

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A resume is an important investment in your future. Professional resume writers spend the time to represent your brand to its absolute potential. Cheaper alternatives can end up costing more money in the long-run, either by having to be redone, or resulting in a missed job opportunity.

It is also at times difficult to spot resume writing services who are based overseas. National job markets demand varied resume presentations which are not always executed well for the Australian job market.

Businesses don’t just hand out jobs. They invest in the people most suitably positioned to help them exceed goals and make money. Present your true potential by mapping your skills and accomplishments with a refined and polished professional resume.

Get what you pay for – hire a professional resume writing service based here in Australia.

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