Google and job searching!


It is a known fact now that almost everyone has an online presence whether they are something very relevant or of no importance at all. This is why 2 out of 5 companies actually look at the names of the people that they plan to hire or even interview on Google so that they can really know more about them and be able to tell what their personalities are. This is legal because almost everything that you put on the internet about yourself becomes public information and can be accessed by almost anyone unless you activate some privacy settings to your account especially those that are inside the different social media websites. So does this mean that you should start considering everything about yourself online? The answer to this question is a definite no. Google can indeed be your best friend and you should learn how to be able to use it to your advantage. On the other hand though, if you don’t filter what you write about yourself or your social media accounts then this can definitely affect your character in the eyes of the employers.

The things that you should not do

If your social media account is public or if you have a blog under your name that can easily be found by anyone, you really should start filtering your own content. You do not want to have posts in these accounts that can be offensive to different cultures or any individuals. Remember, most companies now have gone global, so offending a particular culture may really hurt your character no matter how well written your resume actually is and even if you have really good qualifications. You should not have any bad posts about your previous job as well or the people that you have worked with. This will be considered impolite and your potential employers, once they have learned about this may become hesitant when it comes to hiring you. After all, no one wants to work with someone who whines about their job or co-workers.

The things that you should do

The first thing that you need to do of course, is to actually type your name in Google and know what can be found about you. Review all of them just to check if they do not contain anything that will lead to the demise of the possibility of getting your dream job. If you are contented with them and you feel that you do not have to delete anything, then it is time to consider as to what you can add in your accounts that will show your passion for your line of work and your capabilities. For example, you might want to get involve into forums or blogs that discusses about your industry and really give helpful opinions. You can also make videos in YouTube that helps show your skills and knowledge on subject matters related to the job that you want. This will help you show your employers in a very passive way how dedicated and passionate you are when it comes to your job.

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