Positive body language


The answer to this question is a definite yes, and it will be wise for you to really think about how you should act before coming into any interviews or dealing with anyone for that matter. This might be the first time that you will be reading about this, but the harsh truth is that it only takes a tenth of a second for anyone to make a decision with regards to how they perceive you to be.

Yes you have definitely read this right. Not even a second in the interview, and the other person will already have some sort of an opinion with regards to you. Of course you can easily redeem this as no interview will last for only a fraction of a second. However, this point only stresses out the importance of body language whenever you talk with anyone. Another fact that you should learn about is that when it comes to communication 93 percent of what we actually understand and take in actually comes from non-verbal actions. This is because our actions can indeed speak more loudly than our words.

The first mistake that you can make though when it comes to considering body language is to think that it is only about your actions. The truth of the matter is that since this is just a part of non-verbal communication your physical appearance actually matters greatly as well and will say a lot about your body language. You really should dress up for the job, this way your employer or recruiter will immediately know that you are taking things seriously and that you have an attention to detail.

The interview itself believe it or not actually starts in the moment that you enter the building or the reception area for that particular office. The receptionists or front office staff are often asked for feedback from recruiters or employers so that they will know whether or not you were confident and polite when you came in, or if you were only putting on a show for the interviewer. As such you should always greet everyone with a smile and shake hands firmly with them whenever the opportunity arises.

During the actual interview itself, you should be able to show that you are polite, and that you really know how to listen to what your interviewer is telling you. Your mind, and your eyes should be fixed on the person that you are talking to so that you can show sincerity and let them know that you are indeed eager to know more about this job and answer their questions truthfully. You should always keep an open body posture. This means that your hands should never be crossed in front of your chest as this would appear impolite and even sarcastic. Whenever appropriate try to mimic your interviewer actions in a comfortable way to show that you empathize with him or her. An example of this would be to lean forward if your interviewer leans forward to you as well while talking about an important matter.

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