Resume Writers vs. Virtual Assistants: Who Should Write Your Resume in 2021?

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Are you thinking about freshening up your resume? Resume Writers vs. Virtual Assistants. It might be for a position within your organisation or potentially a career change into an entirely new industry. Regardless of the reason, it’s time to get it up to scratch so you can put your best foot forward and hopefully secure […]

Addressing Key Selection Criteria Templates and Examples

The Ultimate Guide To Key Selection Criteria Writing

The Ultimate Guide to Key Selection Criteria Writing – Including Templates and Examples Selection Criteria Writing Examples and Templates Understanding how to address key selection criteria writing, suitability statements, response letters, and targeted questions by highlighting your skills, attributes, knowledge, and qualifications can make the difference between successfully securing a role and having to continue […]

What File Format Should You Use for Resumes in 2021?

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What File Format Should You Use for Resumes in 2021? Did you know that your resume’s file format can make a big difference in how successful you are with a job application? Shocking, isn’t it? After slaving over it for hours and ensuring that it includes all of the relevant keywords, is grammatically correct, and […]

Do You Know What To Wear To A Job Interview?

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Are you staring at your wardrobe stressing about what you’re going to wear to a job interview? You know that first impressions count, and you want to make sure you’re memorable for the right reasons for your new potential employer. Thankfully you don’t have to rush out to the most expensive store and spend the […]

Do You Know Where to Find The Hidden Job Market?

Finding The Hidden Job Market

Have you heard people refer to the hidden job market? It sounds like a secret society and that you need some sort of special referral in order to be a part of it. But in reality, it’s merely a way to cast a wider net when you’re searching for a job. It’s not relying on […]

Follow our 101 Tips for Finding a New Job

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Are you on the hunt for your next job? You might be looking around because cutbacks impacted you, or perhaps you’re just ready for a career change. Whatever the reason may be, it’s time to look around and see what’s out there in the job market. Applying for jobs has evolved significantly over the years. […]

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