How to Overcome Work-From-Home Burnout


With COVID lockdowns and social isolation in place from earlier this year, many people are now working from home.  While there are multiple benefits – no traffic, more time with family, the comforts of home, healthier meal planning – there are also problems.  Not everyone has a home office, and without a dedicated area to […]

7 Things Not to Include on Your Resume

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As your first contact with a potential future employer, your resume needs to promote you as the most suitable candidate for the job.  Recruiters often read through a high volume of applications for advertised roles: ensuring that yours stands out is crucial to progressing to the interview stage. The best way to do this to […]

COVID Jobseekers

An open letter to COVID Jobseekers everywhere: Dear Jobseeker, I know things are tough right now.  I know that you’re doing everything you can. You might feel like it’s all too much.  You may have even reached the point where you’re wondering why you aren’t good enough.  It can be made even harder if you […]

What’s the Difference Between a Resume Writer and a Career Counsellor?

It can be challenging to choose the right career and difficult to land the job you want.  Sometimes you may struggle to put together a resume and application, especially if you are new to the workforce, or changing careers, and don’t have much experience behind you.  Thankfully, there are people out there who have picked […]

How to Stay Positive Job Searching During COVID and the Current Unemployment Rates


Your mindset is your most valuable tool and can set you up for success or failure.  We understand that in the current job search climate, keeping a positive outlook can be difficult, so we’re here to help.  Read on for tips and advice on staying positive while finding work during COVID. Remember that you’re not […]

How to Write a 600-Word Response to Selection Criteria

600-Word Response to Selection Criteria

When working out how to address selection criteria for a job application, you may have learned about using the STAR method.  In many circumstances, this is the best way to structure your response.  Sometimes, however, the application information will ask you to submit a 600-word response that outlines your ability and suitability to the role. […]

How to Address Selection Criteria

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Sometimes jobs advertisements, especially in the government sector, require you to address selection criteria in your application.  You usually need to supply your response to the criteria in a separate document, referred to as a written statement, that communicates your suitability to the role. But what exactly are selection criteria, and what’s the best way […]

Applying for State Government Jobs, Australia-wide

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Looking to apply for a government position, but not sure how the application process works? Don’t worry! We’re here to highlight the key points, and help you understand how it all works. The first thing you need to know is that government job applications are more detailed than most applications for the private sector.  This […]

Think Using an Online Resume Template is a Good Idea?

Why those pretty resume templates from amateur resume writers can really harm your career. You might think that having a gorgeous-looking resume will get noticed, especially now that the job market is even more competitive than usual. The trouble with these online resume templates, particularly those offered by online ‘resume writers’ (seen on Airtasker and […]