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Does the Way You Write Your Resume Matter When Applying for Jobs?

Does the Way You Write Your Resume Matter When Applying for Jobs? To get straight to the point – yes! Tailoring your Resume is very important because no two roles (or companies) are the same. What each hiring manager is looking for will be different every time you apply to another organisation.  If you’re attaching […]

How Many Pages Should a Resume be in 2020?

How Many Pages Should a Resume be in 2020? Here at Resumes To You, we often get our clients requesting that their resumes be only two pages long. We ask them, “Why?” and their answer is that it’s what they’ve read or heard. This statement is, in fact, not true; a resume doesn’t need to […]

How to Write Key Selection Criteria

How to Write Key Selection Criteria We break down what key selection criteria are and how to address them effectively There are times when job advertisements, particularly Government roles, will ask that you address selection criteria as part of your application.  These key selection criteria are what your prospective employer has decided are vital to […]

What You Need to Know Before You Send a Cover Email

While handing your resume to the store manager in person or applying through job boards are still the most common ways to apply for a position, cover emails are becoming more popular. A cover email is when you send your job application via email, and include your cover letter in one of two ways: by […]

How to Cope with Post-holiday Blues: Getting back to Work after Christmas & New Year Holidays

Need some motivation when it comes to getting back to work after the holidays? Well, it’s time to take some notes now 😊 Instead of setting goals, set up a system for the new year. Every motivational speaker is talking about “goal-setting”. I understand that could be helpful, but frankly, goal-setting can only take you […]

3 Tips for Job Searching in 2020

It’s almost the end of 2019, and, like this time every year, you might find yourself thinking of changes to make in the new year. One of the most common resolutions for the coming year is to make a career change – and if you’re reading this, you’ve probably made the same resolution.  Whether you […]

How to Make a Mid-Year Career Change 2019

How to Make a Mid-Year Career Change You’ve probably heard of the 7-Year Itch when it comes to relationships, but did you know that there’s a similar name for that yearning to change jobs halfway through the year? The Mid-Year Itch comes around with the colder months, which also signal that tax time is near. […]

10 Things You’ve Heard About Job Hunting That Just Aren’t True

Job hunting isn’t always the easiest thing to do. It can be very competitive, and facing a lot of rejection can get disheartening after a while, making it harder to give your all in the job search.  You’re also not doing yourself any favours by believing in those common job hunting myths that seem to […]

10 steps to grow confidence at work

10 steps to grow confidence at work Understanding where your doubt comes fromAs with all fears, we must understand their origins if we’re to meet them head on. The better you know yourself, the more you’ll be able to help yourself. Accepting itDenial is an emotion determined to hold us back from being what we’re […]

Addressing selection criteria

Whether this is your first time applying for a government job, or you’ve filled out applications for government roles before, you’ve more than likely had to answer selection criteria. How you respond to these criteria will determine whether you progress to an interview or not, so it’s incredibly important to get your answers right. Here […]